Backend update May 151st 2018

Minor Improvements

We've mostly been busy working on GDPR compliance, but we've been able to squeeze in some other minor improvements as well.


  • GROQ API: parameters can now contain arrays and objects.
  • GROQ: added the special variable @ to refer to the root value of the scope (i.e. "this") which allows for queries such as *{"one": @["1"]} and *{"arraySizes": arrays[]{"size": count(@)}.
  • GROQ: added support for numbers in scientific notation, e.g. 3.14e2, for improved JSON compatibility.


  • Fixed a significant performance problem when submitting queries with an authentication token.
  • Fixed multiple issues when joining using ^.
  • Fixed chained dereferencing, i.e. using multiple -> operators.
  • Fixed usage of joins with disjunctions, i.e. ||.