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Corey's headline: Consultant, Senior Web Developer @ Figma

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Corey's location: Austin, Texas, US
Joined: May 2019
Corey's job title: Senior Web Developer
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React Portable Text
- Tool

An easy way to render Portable Text block content in React applications.

Corey Ward
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Portable Text Validator
- Schema

Generate a custom validator function for Portable Text fields using built-in routines

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- Tool

Easily leverage the power of Sanity's image API from React-based environments like Gatsby.

Corey Ward
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- Made with Sanity

JAMStack website leveraging Gatsby, Sanity, Netlify, React, Framer Motion, and Emotion (among others)

Corey Ward
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I'm a senior-level multi-disciplinary, full-stack designer and developer working in service of marketing.

Most of my clients have an established development team, but those resources are locked up working on product, leaving the marketing and growth teams to either self-serve or outsource to firms. I offer an alternative, providing the consideration and availability of an employee on an hourly, ongoing basis.