Content Studio

Efficient collaborative editing.
Customize in JavaScript as needed.

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The Sanity Content Studio is an open source real-time content editing environment backed by our cloud hosted data store and image pipeline.

It makes working with structured content effortless for editors while being customizable by developers using the modern tooling they love.

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Open source

Build in Javascript and React.js.
Full source code, permissive license

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Edit structured, highly connected documents collaboratively

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Integrate into other sites, self-host or single line deploy to

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Extend with your own data types, custom user interfaces and third-party integrations.

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Mobile friendly

Optimized for mobile and touch devices.

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Auto generated UI

Sketch out a relational data model and instantly get a user friendly editor for it.

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Image editor

Set hotspots, deliver scaled photos. Crop images.

npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init

Sweet developer experience

Customize and extend using modern tooling.

Rapid development

Sketch out complex relational data models and instantly get user-friendly interfaces.

Define in code

Quickly define schemas in JavaScript. Subject your data models to revision control along with your front-ends. Generate schemas in code.

Extend in React.js

Create custom tools, surface data from APIs and build input controls for your own data types in React.js.

Inject dependencies

Switch out and compose user interface components cleanly with named parts.

Two magpies looking at an abstract structure
A screen capture of the content studio showing documentation being edited

The Sanity documentation in the fullscreen block editor

Text + Data = ❤️

Rich text done right

With Sanity you should be able to deliver your content on any channel. Even those not invented yet. This means applying the logic of structured content to block text.

  • Internal links in text

    become hard references like any other and raise error when someone tried to delete the object referred to

  • Mix data and text

    and allow users to add any kind of data type to block text. Drag, drop and clipboard data in running text. Add metadata to inline-objects or spans.

  • Query block text

    like you would any other data structure

  • Reference

    a product in content marketing copy. Render it with the data of the product itself.

Adding a map to a text? It should go in as a longitude, latitude and a zoom. That way you can serve up a static PNG on mobile, a draggable map on desktop and a wraparound experience in AR some time in 2025.

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Unlock collaboration and deep integration with real-time systems

  • No more saving. Everything is synchronized all the time.
  • Have bots and scripts update documents without conflicting with human editors
  • Easily build your own real-time components

It used to be that content was created only by people writing text on keyboards. Increasingly though content work happens in flows of data between systems. Therefore the Sanity Content Studio was built as a real-time system from the bottom up.

All edits are applied in real-time as small patches to the cloud hosted datastore and sent to all connected clients. This means conflict-free editing, no locking and no over-writing. It means full revision history for your documents. It means bots and users collaborating without stepping on each other’s toes.

A visual metaphor of content as spaghetti being fed to a user from a central content store

Read more about listeners in documentation


Customize locally, deploy in seconds

Making an editing environment work really, really well for someone means being able to respond to their needs. Therefore you the get full source code for the editing environment, and can run it on localhost.

Integrate your own tooling. Surface metrics from third parties like Google Analytics.

  • Customize in React.js - distribute as NPM packages
  • Build real-time components
  • Override and compose our UI components
  • Deploy with sanity deploy to

Install Sanity  or  invite a developer

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Content Management 💖

Untangling content from page structures means faster editing and less clicking.

  • Real-time collaboration. No locking or overwriting.
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Mobile responsive and touch compatible
  • Drag-and-drop mulitple assets and images
  • Clipboard support for images
  • Drafts, rollback to published document
  • WYSIWYM (what-you-see-is-what-you-mean) rich text editing

Picture perfect

Safely store original images. Transform as needed.

You should expect your images to be just as flexible as your other content. Sanity therefore allows you to upload 268 megapixel archival originals. A flexible image pipeline will resize, crop and reformat on the way to clients. Set image hot-spots to enable automatic client-side recroppig in any aspect ratio.

A stylized illustration of an image being cropped
  • Store archival grade originals
  • Hot-spots: Automatically crop for different aspect-ratios
  • Ingest JPG, PNG & TIFF. GIF too (kittehs!).
  • Output JPG, PNG & WebP.
  • Pass-through for SVG & GIF or transcode to other formats.
  • Image archive
  • Drag-and-drop as well as clipboard support for image uploading

Read more about the Image URL Builder Client or the image URLs

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