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Contributing to the Sanity Ecosystem

We appreciate everyone that wants to help grow the Sanity ecosystem and community. Sanity has a wide range of ways in which developers and editors can contribute to the growing community of practice. These range from giving feedback on the documentation to creating cool starters, to helping others in the Slack community.

  • Create a cool or useful starter: Sanity has starter projects to help developers who are new to the system understand best practices. If you have a setup that you begin most of your Sanity projects with, you can convert it into a 1-click starter for for your own use as well as for others.
  • Create plugins and tools: Sanity Studio allows for robust customization via plugins and tools. If there are certain schemas you use regularly or custom tools you've made for your own projects, share them with everyone in the community in the #i-made-this channel and let us know so that we can include them on the plugins page.
  • Documentation feedback: We want our documentation to make everyone's lives easier. If there was something unclear in any of our docs, leave some feedback at the bottom of the article and we'll make it better.
  • Create a guide: If you have built with Sanity, chances are that you also have some insights to share. If you love communicating and teaching code and how to work with structured content to others, becoming a guest author and submitting a guide might be a great way to go about it.
  • Issues on GitHub - Notice a bug or looking for a specific feature, be sure to leave an Issue on one of our official repositories to let us know. If you can document a reproducible case, that‘s very helpful.
  • Help others in the Slack community: There's a vibrant, real-time community in our Slack channel. We encourage everyone to ask and answer questions in the #help channel or various language- and framework-specific channels. Join the community, ask questions, and help others.

Code of Conduct

We believe in a robust and inclusive community. To make sure that all of these channels stay inclusive, they are all covered by Sanity's Community Code of Conduct.

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