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Example Plugins

A sampling of plugins


During development, you'll often need to prototype queries to see how they play out. Doing this in Vision is a lot faster than changing the code in your app and reloading it. The Sanity dev team uses Vision a lot, and chances are you should too, if you're writing apps which consume data from Sanity. Take a look at the source code or just add it to your Studio with sanity install @sanity/vision. Vision appears as an icon in your tool pane.

Dark Theme

Painlessly override what your Content Studio looks like with a thin layer of custom CSS. Code, config and an example Studio can be found at Github.


A Content Studio plugin which enables LaTeX math forumla input, and renders a decent preview (MathML or HTML) depending on browser capability. Source code and an example Studio on Github.


A custom input widget which enables number input using a slider. Head over to the Github repo for both code and an example on how to use the plugin in a Content Studio. Alternatively, have a look at the Custom Input Widget article for a walk-through on how to implement this slider plugin.

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