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How to contribute with new guides

How to help other developers by sharing your knowledge and experience in a guide. You can also send us your pitch from our list and get a bit of compensation and swag for your efforts. offers a lot of ground for developers to cover. That’s why we see documentation, guides, and tutorials as a core part of what makes a great developer experience.

If you have built with Sanity, chances are that you also have some insights to share. If you love communicating and teaching code and how to work with structured content to others, becoming a guest author and submitting a guide might be a great way to go about it.

What we will ask from you

  • That the guide is original and not published elsewhere (do let us know of your work though!)
  • That you are open to our feedback and review process
  • That you are open with us on timelines. Delays are perfectly OK, but it’s helpful to know.

What we will do for you

  • We have experienced and helpful reviewers that will help you producing a great guide
  • You will get a project on the community contribution plan (3x quotas)
  • We will send you swag
  • We will promote your work in our channels

How does the process look like?

  • Pick an idea, write an outline or a short draft for it
  • Send us an e-mail with the following:
    • A shared link with access to your outline/draft
    • A short pitch of why you think the guide will be helpful for others, and who your primary audience is
    • If you have it, links to your previous writing
  • Give us a week or two to review your idea and get back to you
  • Write the full text and send it to your editor
  • Review and integrate the suggestions and feedback
  • Submit your final version for publication

Ideas for guides that you can write

Feel free to pitch ideas of your own, or pick one from this list that we have curated from the community and the team. If you have worked with, you most probably have some experience that will be helpful for others.

Portable Text

  • How to add (data)tables to Portable Text (and present them)
  • How to deal with variants in content modelling and Portable Text
  • How to build an image gallery (for portable text)
  • How to use inline object types for reusable content

GROQ and GraphQL

  • How to get started with GraphQL and
  • How to get started with GROQ
  • Advanced GROQ queries

Importing and migration

  • How to migrate from <Insert CMS here> to Sanity
  • How to rename fields using scripting (example script)

Frontend and web development

  • Get started with and React
  • Get started with and Vue
  • Get started with and Angular
  • Get started with and Svelte
  • Get started with and Next
  • Get started with and Nuxt
  • Get started with and Gridsome
  • Get started with and VuePress
  • Get started with and Eleventy (11ty)
  • Get started with and Sapper
  • Get started with and Scully (Angular)
  • Get started with and Expo
  • Get started with and Flutter
  • Get started with and Dart
  • Get started with and Swift
  • Get started with and <your favorite framework>


  • How to generate JSON-LD from

Content modelling and information architecture

  • How to think about references and content relationships: Modelling and querying
  • How to distribute structured content to multiple channels
  • Great patterns for structured content layout composition
  • How to localize a non-localized content model

Studio customization and editorial experience

  • Advanced uses of structure builder
  • How to localize field labels++ for Sanity Studio
  • How to make custom input components for complex data types
  • Great patterns for custom input components
  • How to create awesome editor experiences

Continuous Integration and deployment

  • How to deploy Sanity Studio on Netlify
  • How to deploy Sanity Studio on Vercel
  • How to deploy Sanity Studio on Heroku
  • How to deploy Sanity Studio on Render
  • How to self-host Sanity Studio on a *nix box
  • How to automate cross-dataset content flows
  • Dataset lifecycle: How to go from staging to production and back again
  • Let‘s go to production: How to launch new features that require content model changes
  • Content scheduling powered by microservices

Working with Sanity in projects

  • How to create an excellent hand-off experience for clients with a Sanity powered project
  • How to work content-first with
  • How to work with and design systems

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