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Setting Up

A brief intro to Content Studio layout, and how to quickly insert some data.

This guide is very easy to follow if you're running your own Content Studio. If you're not, just complete the steps in the quickstart guide and open up the studio at http://localhost:3333.

Assuming you're running the Movies Studio example, your browser window will look something like this:

Content Studio Layout

The leftmost bar is a list of the types you can edit directly. Select Movie and you'll get a list of all movies. Select a movie from that list, and you'll get a form which lets you edit all movie attributes.

If you edit anything, it's automatically saved. There is no save button to click. If someone else edits something in the same document, those patches will automatically appear - in real-time - in your form.

Everything in the form is there because the schema says so. Open up a schema file (e.g. ./schemas/movie.js) and study it. Compare it to the form rendered in the Content Studio. Now let's...

Add some content

The Content Studio you just fired up has a schema, but lacks content. If you want to play around a bit with the sample Studio you might want some content. You can produce some content yourself typing stuff into the form, or you can download a dataset and import it.

cd path/to/my-project
sanity dataset import production

But... front-end?

Sanity comes with a Content Studio (for editing content) and a data backend. The front-end, however, you have to bring yourself. If you need inspiration, we've provided an example website to get you started.

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