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The Studio sends notifications in the form of a snackbar when something goes wrong (e.g losing network connection, errors etc.) or when certain actions are completed (e.g published content). The component responsible for this is available to you when creating Studio extensions and want to trigger custom notifications.

  • kindstring

    Default: info. Possible values: info, success ,warning, error.

  • titlestring

    Title of the notification.

  • subtitlestring

    Short description of the notification.

  • setAutoFocusboolean

    Set focus on notification programmatically.

  • isPersistedboolean

    Prevent notification from disappearing automatically.

  • iconboolean

    Use default icons or pass a custom icon

  • autoDismissTimeoutnumber

    how fast a notification disappears in milliseconds (ms).

  • actionobject

    Object with an action title and callback function.

  • isCloseableboolean

    notification is closable with a close button.

  • onDismissfunction

    callback function when notification is dismissed.

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