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Profile page of Vilde Serina Brunvoll

Vilde's headline: Vilde

- Made with Sanity

Using Sanity to present and let participants book courses.

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Kult Byrå
- Made with Sanity

A branding and digital design agency located in Oslo, Norway.

Vilde Serina Brunvoll
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- Made with Sanity

Helping landlords and tenants resolve conflicts with this accessible website.

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- Made with Sanity

Corridor and asset monitoring using earth observation

Vilde Serina Brunvoll
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Drage i magen
- Made with Sanity

Podcast and tools to help children deal with emotions – or "the dragons in their belly"

Vilde Serina Brunvoll
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- Made with Sanity

Minimalistic content agency with a dose fun.

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Chili Media
- Made with Sanity

Spicy hot website for an agency that creates enticing content universes.

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