Svelte Starters

Build a Sanity-backed website in minutes with these starters for Svelte, a modern, lightweight Javascript library for "cybernetically enchanced web apps."

Blog with Sapper
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Official(made by Sanity team)

A fully customizable blog template with a SvelteJS front-end.

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Svelte is an innovative Javascript framework for building user interfaces. In contrast to other popular Javascript frameworks, which outsource their work into a virtual DOM in the browser, Svelte does the bulk of its work in a compiler that outputs reactive, "cybernetically enhanced" Javascript at build time. Svelte works great as an SSG (a static site generator) and integrates seamlessly with Sanity studio to deliver dynamic, structured content. Check out these Svelte starters and deploy your latest next-gen Javascript app today.

λ npm install -g @sanity/cli
λ sanity init

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