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The world's leading open source Node.js CMS

Voted highest in developer satisfaction in the 2021 Jamstack Community Survey, Sanity's API-first approach makes it the best choice for developers looking for a cutting-edge, no headache content management system.

Sanity is a Node.js-ready headless CMS written in React that integrates with Node.js-based applications quickly and efficiently.

A headless CMS with the power of a managed database

Use Sanity and Node.js to power a content-rich website or web app. With Sanity's open source query language GROQ, write extensible, rich queries in a terse syntax (though you can also use GraphQL if you prefer.)

A robust set of APIs and the Sanity JavaScript client library make it straightforward for developers to pull data from the Node backend or nearly any frontend.

Push your studio to GitHub and version control each update to your content types so your whole team can stay on the same page.

Continually amazed by the power and flexibility of @sanity_io. I've used most of its competitors, and it's far-and-away the best product

Zero to production, faster than ever.

npm install sanity-cli && sanity init. That's it. Get started in minutes thanks to Sanity's slick CLI, custom built starters, and extensive documentation. Use community plugins to radically extend your app's functionality--your own authentication, custom CSS, painless SEO management, or build-a-website templates are a few installations away. With a little custom React code, create your own admin UI with support for custom workflows.

Flexible architecture

Store content completely decoupled from the frontend presentation layer and Node business logic. Sanity can headlessly deliver data to a Node app without limiting its reuse. Connect your backend to popular frontend frameworks like Gatsby, Next.js, Angular, and Vue.js with only a few lines of code thanks to a polished JavaScript client.

Write the schema for your content as a simple JavaScript file, then boot up your studio and let your editors enjoy a simple WYSIWYG interface.

Powering exceptional digital experiences everywhere

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The open source Node.js CMS you've been looking for

Sanity contains several open source CMS components that, when added together, create a rich, powerful, modern content management experience. Use Portable Text to treat your content as data and render HTML from JSON using a variety of serializers.

Comes with GROQ, a ridiculously powerful in-house query language, but you can serve a GraphQL API just as easily.

Outrageously flexible pricing

A production ready web application with a managed backend for free? It's realer than you think! Thanks to Sanity's innovative content API, you pay only for what you use; while you're still up-and-coming in the web development world, don't fret about overages or fees. Just create your data model, enjoy an extensible REST API, and worry about the bill when you're already up and running.

Set up in minutes

Generous quota included. Pay-as-you-go for users, usage and features on all plans.

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