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Node.js Website Management

Need efficient, headless content management in a node.js environment? Sanity has you covered. Sanity is a Node.js-ready headless CMS that integrates with Node.js-based applications quickly and efficiently.

Editor Interface

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Continually amazed by the power and flexibility of @sanity_io. I've used most of its competitors, and it's far-and-away the best product

Content-driven Apps

Use Sanity and Node.js to power a content-rich npm website, nodejs web app, or site built with a nodejs blog framework. A CMS-backed Node app empowers marketers to control the branding and customer experience, while developers can focus on getting the app to market. A robust set of APIs and the Sanity JavaScript client library make it straightforward for developers to pull data from the Node backend or nearly any frontend.

Build a Node.js blog or website in minutes

Generous quota included. Pay-as-you-go for users, usage and features on all plans.

Run Sanity Client Anywhere

The Sanity JavaScript client library can run in a web browser or a Node.js-enabled JavaScript environment. Sanity easily integrates with Node.js-based apps via its JavaScript API to reduce development times and quickly launch content-driven applications. Developers can directly pull content within the Node app’s JavaScript code without requiring API requests. Sanity can even work with a Node.js static site generator. The Sanity Client offers IT teams flexibility and an improved developer experience.

Flexible Architecture

Store content completely decoupled from the frontend presentation layer and Node business logic. Sanity can headlessly deliver data to a Node app without limiting its reuse. The Sanity Data Store keeps structure content secure in the cloud, yet readily accessible for integrations. That means organizations can easily build a brand presence on new touchpoints without needing to duplicate content creation efforts.

Benefits of Sanity & Node.js

  • Improve the developer experience
  • Run Sanity JavaScript Client in a Node.js environment
  • Use the JavaScript API to launch Node.js apps faster
  • Reduce innovation and integration cycles
  • Build content-rich Node apps that customers enjoy
  • Empower marketers to craft Nodejs web experiences
  • Reuse content across digital touchpoints

Set up in minutes

Generous quota included. Pay-as-you-go for users, usage and features on all plans.

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