Released Sep 21st 2017

✨ Highlights

  • The date type has been renamed to richDate. You may need to run a migration script. More info
  • The structure of block content has changed to a format that is more intuitive and easier to work with. You may need to run a migration script if you have been using the block editor. More info

📓 Full changelog

Espen Hovlandsdalchore Normalize dependency versions (#184)eda91be2d
Espen Hovlandsdalclient Retry failed GET/HEAD-requests (#182)645457b48
Thomas DrevonRename date => richDate (#169)cf07e5e1f
Per-Kristian Nordnesform-builder Refactor block editor (#188)9e72d8742
Bjørge Næssbase Add missing dependency602e835d4
Per-Kristian Nordnestest-studio Test inline objects for block editordd42702ff
Per-Kristian Nordnesform-builder Fix typo in deprectation warning1473a6910
Bjørge Næsscli Update sanity init template (#189)7ab059a8b
Bjørge Næssdata-aspects Hide richDate by default73b612263