Released Dec 20th 2017

Upgrade with:

sanity upgrade

And install the latest Command Line Interface (CLI) with:

npm install --global @sanity/cli

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fix bug where certain studio errors (uncaught schema errors, for instance) would not give any indication or error message
  • Vision no longer switches dataset for entire studio, but rather just for that tool
  • When importing assets from a URL and the response is a redirect from http->https or https->http, the requests no longer fail
  • Couple of issues with how the CLI tool treated numeric datasets is now fixed

📓 Full changelog

Per-Kristian Nordnesblock-tools Fix bug which expected node.children which is not always the case84f24392
Espen Hovlandsdalimport Use forked get-uri with redirect fixbd146383
Espen Hovlandsdalform-builder Fix crash when input/preview component could not be resolved993fc09f
Espen Hovlandsdalcore Fix numeric datasets being treated as missing1e0969f4
Simen Svale Skogsrudimage-url Added support for the fit-parameter00f30d92
Espen Hovlandsdalimage-url Throw on invalid fit mode5860a65a
Espen Hovlandsdalschema Remove stray test code from array schema typef2d8b5a2
Espen Hovlandsdalschema Validate that type name is a stringb0736b2b
Espen Hovlandsdalbase Asynchronously publish resolved user to bubble errors upb8cb0757
Espen Hovlandsdalvision Clone client on startup to prevent us from configuring the main studio clientbf5c98a4
Espen Hovlandsdalbase Solve swallowed error without defering to next ticka73ef77d