Released Jun 164th 2018


Upgrade with:

sanity upgrade

And install the latest Command Line Interface (CLI) with:

npm install --global @sanity/cli

✨ Highlights

Various visual fixes and a few bugfixes

🐛 Notable bugfixes

Fixed a bug with sanity export causing custom image/file fields (e.g. caption) to be lost in exported files

📓 Full changelog

Thomas Drevondefault-login Use dedicated styles for CookieTest component (#837)851a2d2b2
Knut Melværreadme Add link for Block Content to Markdown (#853)4475c06a0
Espen Hovlandsdalchore Add Drone CI (#854)079cc2010
Kristoffer J. Sivertsenform-builder Functions padding on array of primitives9920d5bb3
Kristoffer J. Sivertsencomponents Larger max-height on dialog (#864)f72978a04
Kristoffer J. SivertsenDesign fixes (#858)ce114c146
Kristoffer J. SivertsenFix confirm button (#863)ff7f57dac
Bjørge Næssexport Make sure we export other attributes on fields containing asset references (#867)6492e96e2