Released Mar 14th 2019


Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with

npm install --global @sanity/cli

Upgrade the Content Studio with:

sanity upgrade

✨ Highlights

hasAlpha, isOpaque fields for images

Newly uploaded image assets now have two additional metadata fields:

  • hasAlpha (bool) - Whether or not the image has an alpha channel (regardless of it being in use)
  • isOpaque (bool) - Whether or not the image is opaque (does not contain any transparent pixels)

Note that these fields are only present on newly uploaded image assets.

Keep-Alive in Sanity client

The @sanity/client module now uses keep-alive ♻️ connections against the Sanity API. This improves performance when doing more than one request against the API within a short window of time by reusing network connections.

Filename field on code input

The @sanity/code-input plugin now has an option to enable a filename field. Set options.withFilename to true in order to enable this field. Thanks to Raymond Julin for this improvement!

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes a bug with Studio search that split words including numbers into separate terms
  • Fixes a bug where deploying a GraphQL API would fail in certain conditions

📓 Full changelog

Bjørge Næssbase Split string on space and comma instead of using lodash.words for tokenization (#1222)2664ef3e4
Espen Hovlandsdalbase Add hasAlpha, isOpaque fields to image metadata fields (#1232)9e8da6ab7
Bjørge Næsschore Upgrade to latest lerna and tweak publish scripts5bc5448c5
Raymond Julincode-input Add a filename field to code input blocks (#1234)37f488fd4
Espen Hovlandsdalclient Introduce keepAlive in client (#1235)63c56254c
Bjørge Næssform-builder Remove import for overriding code-input part (#1238)e31ccf1c8
Thomas Drevondashboard Implement skeleton for dashboard tool84ed06f03
Thomas Drevontest-studio Wire up dashboard tool in test-studiod6455c95d
Thomas Drevondashboard Update dashboard readme0bcd7da44
Thomas Drevontest-studio Add some plugins to make the dashboard tool show somethingfe1a7a2dd
Thomas Drevondashboard Dashboard, first pass which works66f10d246
Thomas Drevondashboard Add a stack-overview placeholder widget59adffc2d
Thomas Drevontest-studio Update format of dashboardConfigf7fa47104
Thomas Drevondashboard Change format of dashboardConfig and update code to handle the change8ff6c394e
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Setup gridb3ffd85a9
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard CSS grid with simple config89904ca93
Thomas Drevondashboard Add project-info dashboard widgetf7ad007b1
Thomas Drevontest-studio Sample configuration of project-info widgetaee1c6645
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Adding common styles938ac93aa
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Adding tutorial widget9abe7e1f4
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Styling widget wrapper7109a5ef2
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Document list mockup widget2442c82bc
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Styling stack overview621605ba2
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Styling project info4ce7116e6
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Dashboard configf examplef93a1a59a
Thomas Drevontest-studio Add project-users widget to test-studio dashboard config39c89de8d
Thomas Drevondashboard Make manage link open in new tabb64dfb1e5
Thomas Drevondashboard Satisfy react key requirement09e3c9590
Thomas Drevondashboard First pass at project-users widget974505cb5
Thomas Drevondashboard Minor formatting26250ca06
Thomas Drevondashboar Minor fixes in several placesd185f044c
Thomas Drevondashboard Fix some wonkieness while building urlsd0c6d61c6
Thomas Drevondashboard Added IntentLink on each doc in the document-list widget6713227ef
Thomas Drevondashboard Don't show drafts by default in document-list widgetbba0ad8f6
Thomas Drevondashboard Style profile images5d5a32600
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Removing styles and using components80c8ac0f6
Kristoffer Sivertsendefault-layout Firefox does not respect relative height toolContainer7879ccfa3
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Adding button to document-listf9fb7299b
Thomas Drevondashboard Fallback author rendering in tutorials widgeta3179b552
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Example of different document-list2bcb00ceb
Thomas Drevondashboard Fix previewdb77fb94a
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Styling the document-list2e116f44c
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Filter documentTypes from schema in document-list13a3a06ad
Marius Lundgårddashboard Adjust grid layout40c096e95
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Change content structure to feed937871ac6
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Update content structure for tutorials593107372
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Cleanup document-lista8e2bd074
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Remove stack-overview770afa197
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Responsive styling cleanup5fa16266d
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard-tool Adding correct icon71820dafe
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Simplify and add hover on tutorials8059128f2
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Tidy up design and rename to styles.css .modules.css14c4c81ce
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Stretch instead of fill-avilable8cf9468cf
Kristoffer Sivertsendashboard Only show the IntentButton for one type10162d036
Marius Lundgårddashboard Fix prop types and prettier formatfae70fc19
Marius Lundgårdtest-studio Make dashboard the first menu item05a19e0e4
Marius Lundgårddashboard Add header element to widgets54dd96c7e
Marius Lundgårddashboard Add hairline color18f80e77a
Marius Lundgårddashboard Add design updates (details)cb48479e6
Marius Lundgårddashboard Rename widgets directories32e7380c8
Marius Lundgårddashboard Fix file names to conform to conventions, update designe76c4f246
Thomas Drevondashboard Clean up package.jsonb2a09629f
Thomas Drevondashboard A dozen minor improvements based on code review944027b25
Thomas Drevondashboard Make the feedItems fetch an observable80bde7d5e
Thomas Drevondashboard Allow missing posterUrlb59d21752
Thomas Drevondashboard Fix proptype expectation2ab29b42c
Thomas Drevondashboard Extract hard coded sanity stuff to its own filebdbdf70d3
Thomas Drevondashboard Extract DocumentList widget to its own repo8dc442dd9
Thomas Drevontest-studio Wire up the external DocumentList widget3d5d01a54
Thomas Drevondashboard In case of data load failure, give the user a way to attempt refetch5798981d7
Marius Lundgårddashboard Add design tweaks0cefa6b21
Marius Lundgårddashboard Fix inconsistencies in ProjectUsers widget61722db46
Marius Lundgårddashboard Add an example of layout configuration to README88148d64d
Marius Lundgårddashboard Change default config4ce2fbebe
Marius Lundgårddashboard Add syntax highlighting to READMEe0a74898a
Marius Lundgårddashboard Move default layout config to widgetsd4e45d98c
Marius Lundgårdtest-studio Add cats widget61c41c728
Thomas Drevontest-studio Bump version of document-list widget6fc14a51a
Thomas Drevondashboard Guard against a single users returning from members fetchcd142d406
Thomas Drevondashboard Improved error display in project-info widgeta4ba0fde4
Thomas Drevondashboard Fix additional categories render bug in project-infob7ff62eb6
Thomas Drevontest-studio More dashboard test configad37d015d
Thomas Drevondashboard Fix graphQl url bug in the project-info widget37969d6c5
Thomas Drevondashboard First pass at some dashboard documentation75c3453a8
Thomas Drevondashboard Update readmec174fd60b
Thomas Drevontest-studio Configure up non-existing widget in test-studioc2400b1dd
Thomas Drevondashboard Improved handling of non-existing widget356be0812
Per-Kristian Nordnesdashboard Update with styling tips47c4d5596
Espen Hovlandsdalplugin-loader Fix resolving paths with query stringsbf01370e9