Released Apr 26th 2019


Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with

npm install --global @sanity/cli

Upgrade the Content Studio with:

sanity upgrade

✨ Highlights

Non-HTTP(s) CORS origins

We now support adding origins with protocols other than http/https. This is useful with certain cross-platform mobile toolkits, chrome extensions and similar.

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed a crash when specifying a numeric dataset name to the CLI

📓 Full changelog

Espen Hovlandsdalcore Allow specifying non-HTTP protocols for CORS-origins (#1262)510452e1f
Espen Hovlandsdalcli Improve dataset name validation (#1271)acc590f87
Marius Lundgårddashboard Update design (#1280)8933d5176
Espen Hovlandsdalcore Ensure dataset name is a string before validating (#1277)82c4f8b24
Thomas Drevondesk-tool Add comment regarding slice and order when searching for documents (#1279)ac2845130
Espen Hovlandsdalpresence-store Store message subscription instance on classcc1325e5f