Released Feb 1st 2019


Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with

npm install --global @sanity/cli

Upgrade the Content Studio with:

sanity upgrade

✨ Highlights

This is mostly a maintainance and bug-fix release.

  • Added schema validation rule for arrays where using unnamed object types in combination with the block type may lead to problems.

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where URL fields that allows relative URLs would be incorrectly be highlighted as having errors by the browser
  • Fixed a bug in the portable text editor where starting a new document and pasting content as the first action would loose some of the pasted content
  • Fixed issue where links in a default portable text block would not allow relative URLs
  • Fixed issue where primitive values within an array that only allows object types would crash the form builder

📓 Full changelog

Kristoffer J. Sivertsentest Visual regression testing using backstopjs (#1157)a89d4451a
Espen Hovlandsdalform-builder Use text input for relative URL fields (#1179)3146a78f8
Espen Hovlandsdalschema Allow tel: and mailto: as URI schemes for block link annotation (#1178)b52037ff0
even westvangbase Change startup message from studio branding to pending connection (#1176)374c33283
Espen Hovlandsdalform-builder Move pathUtils to util package (#1181)9ea15cd41
Bjørge Næsscore Coerce semver to allow prereleases of React (#1182)be4375373
Espen Hovlandsdalform-builder Show warning on non-object array values (#1173)2b4a48151
Per-Kristian NordnesValidate array type of types for object without a name when used in combination with a block type (#1171)5b7fda18d
Per-Kristian Nordnesblock-tools Expose normalizeBlock function in README + add test (#1172)c408e4a56
Bjørge Næssform-builder Include note about the format of _key in the missing keys warning (#1183)db21a130c
Knut MelværAdd issue templates (#1180)27dc5b0d8
Knut MelværRemove feature request description20443edec
Kristoffer J. Sivertsentest-studio Add missing name (#1186)7ccb100e1
Bjørge Næssbase Create part of referring documents hoc/util-component (#1188)4939dcf94
Per-Kristian Nordnesform-builder Fix editor bugs and upgrade to latest Slate packages (#1189)d80b55c93
Kristoffer J. Sivertsenbackstop-test-studio Update versions (#1192)c7b715a0a