Released Jun 164th 2019


Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with

npm install --global @sanity/cli

Upgrade the Content Studio with:

sanity upgrade

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • The global error handler introduced in v0.140.30 was a bit too eager - errors occuring after initial React render are now handled in a slightly more subtle manner
  • Specifying a basePath for studio will no longer cause studio to fail when deployed to
  • Errors inside of the prepare method for previews no longer crashes the studio in production
  • Modules that are linked using npm link/yarn link will no longer cause a hot module reloading resolve error
  • Some users were seeing errors after we introduced the v8 compile cache module in our CLI, so it is now removed

📓 Full changelog

Author | Message | Commit ------------ | ------------- | ------------- Espen Hovlandsdal | [core] Deploy to without basePath (#1356) | fc6cc63b1 Kristoffer Sivertsen | [components] Fix overflow on divider | a8a17a6d3 Espen Hovlandsdal | [preview] Always run preview prepare in try/catch (#1364) | 260db28b1 Knut Melvær | [base] Fix typo in comment | 01e8d81e5 Espen Hovlandsdal | [image-url] Move module out of monorepo (#1359) | 07093716b Espen Hovlandsdal | [server] Prevent build error on symlinked modules (#1355) | fdab5f329 Espen Hovlandsdal | [util] Replace jest with tap | 134480aa5 Espen Hovlandsdal | [cli] Remove v8-compile-cache because of mixed results | 93e6db653 Espen Hovlandsdal | [base] Add less intrusive error handler (#1367) | c59c62a68 Espen Hovlandsdal | [validation] Upgrade jest to v24 | 6ddb900a0