Released Mar 6th 2019


Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with

npm install --global @sanity/cli

Upgrade the Content Studio with:

sanity upgrade

✨ Highlights

It's now possible to remove all data for a rich text field

We used to leave an empty block object when you deleted all content in the editor for Portable Text. Now the field will be completely removed when you empty the editor for content.

Hoisted types can now be used as annotations

There was a bug in the schema validation that made it impossible to use types defined globally (also known as "hoisted types") as an annotation in a block type. Now you can refer to annotations types just as {type: 'myTypeDefinedElseWhere'}.

🐛 Notable bugfixes / changes

  • Stack traces are now shown by default when errors occur in the Sanity CLI tool in order to more easily debug issues
  • Fixed a bug for fallback deserialization of HTML links when pasting HTML into the editor for Portable Text without having the default link type in the schema.
  • Fixed a bug where inserting inline objects in the editor for Portable Text would sometimes cause an error.
  • The @sanity/code-input package was implicitly depending on an undeclared dependency
  • Fixed a bug in @sanity/image-url where the crop parameter relied on the horizontal dimension where it should rely on the vertical

📓 Full changelog

Bjørge Næssform-builder Pass onBlur to underlying string input (#1206)a24ff45c1
Espen Hovlandsdalschema Fix block annotation validation not handling certain objects (#1203)d27d17352
Knut MelværUpdate Readme (#1211)3642f89af
Kristoffer J. Sivertsendefault-layout Reset tool when selecting active tool (#1196)5f9138130
Per-Kristian Nordnesform-builder Block editor: reset field on delete all (#1214)d5099ac6b
Kristoffer J. SivertsenUx/fix spinner searchable select (#1204)356b60f35
Kristoffer J. Sivertsencomponents Height:stretch does not work as intended in firefox (#1213)95fac14a9
Kristoffer J. SivertsenFix/title push icons outside mobile view (#1194)f76253de5
Marius Lundgårdchore Alphabetize rules26410020b
Marius Lundgårdchore Disable block-no-empty6f138213b
Marius Lundgårdchore Disable comment-empty-line-beforea55e95704
Bjørge Næsscore Fix erroneous eslint ruleca772cda6
Per-Kristian Nordnesform-builder Block editor: Better handling of unsetting field when editor is empty (#1218)42f8f1f0a
Simen Svale Skogsrudimage-url Fixe a mixup where a crop parameter relied on the horizontal dimension where it should rely on the vertical393b1a237
Per-Kristian Nordnesblock-tools Fix bug in link deserialization fallback (#1215)dc89b281c
Per-Kristian Nordnesform-builder Block editor: fix sometimes failing insert inline object (#1227)050a04bef
Espen Hovlandsdalcode-input Add react-icons as dependency (#1228)59b401b6c
Espen Hovlandsdalcli Show stack traces on errors by default (#1202)b2ab56a2b
Kristoffer J. SivertsenBlock editor dialog title (#1226)75d019a5c