Released Aug 228th 2019


Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with

npm install --global @sanity/cli

Upgrade the Content Studio with:

sanity upgrade

✨ Highlights

Safari login improvements

We've had several people report issues with logging in to the Sanity studio using Safari. This release contains a fix that should resolve this issue.

CLI: Multi-document delete

You can now delete multiple documents at once with sanity documents delete. Just pass a list of document IDs to delete:

sanity documents delete doc1 doc2 doc3

πŸ› Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where restoring an old version would lose the content of array fields

πŸ““ Full changelog

Per-Kristian NordnesUpdate cookie test view (#1448)e9fad686d
Espen Hovlandsdalform-builder Add error boundary around portable text editor (#1450)6b6860ef3
Espen Hovlandsdalbase Fix array items being nulled when restoring historic documents (#1449)3daba5234
Espen Hovlandsdalcore Allow specifying multiple document IDs to delete (#1415)6bce3811d