An illustration show how the same content can be used across many channels by way of a smiling face being broadcast across devices and physical infrastructure

Start quickly. Proceed without limitations.

Choose a content infrastructure that provides immediate value while making your life easy as your needs evolve

  • Unparalleled productivity

    Set-up and ship editing environments in minutes, on an API that lets you distribute content immediately.

  • Easily customizable

    Customize workflows and user interfaces using front-end development skill sets.

  • Shorten innovation cycles

    Test new product ideas without costly backend adjustments and integrations – focus on end product.

  • Omnichannel by default

    Image pipeline, rich data model and precise data structures let you retarget to any channel.

  • Upgrade legacy systems

    Upload or stream your data to and immediately have it available on a single API.

  • Enable real-time integration

    Real-time support allows deep systems integration and collaboration between people, in-house systems, algorithms and third-party APIs.

People are using Sanity as…

  • Enterprise database

    OMA Architectural firm

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    OMA uses Sanity as an enterprise database keeping accurate metadata on their projects as well as high resolution imagery. Powers their public website as well as print-on-demand and business development processes.

  • E-commerce backend

    RiksTV TV Distributor

    Oslo, Norway

    RiksTV uses Sanity to build A/B-testable pages for their product packages. Using structured content they proceed from the single products themselves, to packaged deals, to testable pages.

  • Modular page builder

    Konsus (YC16) Global Workforce Service

    Global Workforce Service

    Konsus uses Sanity as a modular landing page builder, unblocking their marketing team and freeing up engineering time.

  • Image archive

    MIT Private research university

    Cambridge, USA

    MIT ACT uses Sanity as a richly structured visual archive for the the CAVS Special Collection, capturing artists, works and their relation to the CAVS.

  • Content Backend

    Urban Infrastructure Partner

    Oslo, Norway

    Oslo City Bike uses Sanity as a content store for their product database and other customer facing data. On the web, on mobile and on screens mounted on networks of bicycle racks.

  • Festival Backend

    Mikkeller, MBCC Brewery

    CPH, Denmark

    Mikkeller uses Sanity as a backend for the MBCC beer festival application and website, managing breweries, beers and user ratings through the content studio.


Enterprise ready

Solve hard problems at scale

  • Secure & Compliant

    Data encrypted at rest and in transit. APIs TLS / SSL only.

  • Durable and reliable

    Continuous database backups with millisecond point in time recovery. Versioned asset backups.

  • Real-time

    Patch-based updates to documents allows lock-free editing and collaboration.

  • Custom login

    Need to integrate with an existing user database and custom log-ins? We've got you covered.

  • Custom security

    Rule-based, document-level security controls for read and write access.

  • Accountable

    Full document revision history down to the keystroke.