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Looking for a WordPress Alternative?

Upgrade your legacy technology stack with Sanity, the world’s fastest, most flexible headless CMS that’s built to deliver content to any device.

CMS Editor Interface

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For the past year I've been obsessed with digging through and testing out different #headlessCMS for the #JAMStack comparing feature sets for editors, DX, extendibility, etc. Honestly by far I think @sanity_io stands WAY out and I can't believe how mature the product is!

A Fully Customizable Author Experience

Sanity Studio — the open-source headless content management interface — is a customizable React app that developers can launch in minutes. Tailor the editing experience to fit your marketing and content creation needs. That means giving marketing teams only the features they need, rather than a cluttered interface that overwhelms users. Don’t let a clunky CMS interface get in the way of your marketing strategy.

Truly Flexible

WordPress’ plugin culture makes it’s easy to push your website or application past the WordPress ‘point of no return’—the point where the very plugins and themes you relied on at launch begin to clash with WordPress updates, cause security concerns, and stifle your growth.

With Sanity, your developers are in total control of your ultra-portable structured content. There are fewer moving parts, allowing for far more freedom to integrate Sanity with any third-party tool or channel. It’s web content management as it always should have been.

A modern CMS solution

Sanity is a lightweight and flexible CMS with a low barrier to entry for developers to get started working with. With structured content, you are not locked into particular themes, modules, or plugins of varying quality. Sanity is a highly extensible and interoperable core product that makes leveraging high-quality tooling straightforward. Let developers bring their own tools, libraries, and frameworks to get the job done.

Get up and running in minutes

Don't take our word for it. Try yourself with one of these popular website frameworks.

Landing pages with Next.js
SEO friendly page builder in React.js. Heroes, sign-up forms and calls to action.
Blog with Gatsby
Fully customizable blog template with a React.js front-end.
Blog with 11ty
Minimal blog with Eleventy and Sanity.

Structured Content

Don’t limit where your content can be published. With WordPress’ templates, you’re restricted to viewing your content and your presentation layer as inseparable.

With Sanity, nothing could be further from the truth. Sanity stores structured content in a Portable Text format that can be tailored to match business requirements. That means you can store content so that it can be reused beyond traditional websites for apps, voice devices, digital signage and more.

Sanity: The WordPress Alternative CMS Option

  • Improve the developer experience for your tech teams
  • Ditch heavily opinionated modules, themes, and other WP components
  • Enable developers to bring their own tools, libraries, and frameworks
  • Store content in a flexible Portable Text format
  • Launch the open-source React-based Sanity Studio in minutes
  • Customise the headless content editor to fit your exact marketing needs
  • Choose an API-first CMS with a rich set of integration options
  • Safely store data in the cloud-based Sanity Datastore
  • Comply with GDPR and other consumer privacy laws by default
  • Join the friendly and active developer community


Like many legacy CMS, WordPress has APIs, too. But should you be using a CMS that tacks on headless capabilities after the fact? With an API-first CMS, developers have the freedom to use the frameworks and querying languages they prefer on a project-by-project basis. Sanity offers REST APIs, GraphQL, and it’s own query language (GROQ) out of the box. These API options don't limit the way content is stored and delivered. Ditch the page-based content publishing of legacy solutions for channel-agnostic content delivery via APIs.

Consumer Privacy Ready

Failure to consider how your CMS is affected by consumer privacy regulations laws can be risky. Instead, use Sanity to safely store customer data in the cloud. Sanity was built with GDPR in mind and helps ensure companies remain compliant. The platform doesn’t share data with third parties and has custom edit history retention support to further support transparency.

Build a modern CMS solution today

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