Technical Limits

This article describes various limits in the data store. Note that a project may have additional limits depending on its plan. An API call that causes any of these limits to be exceeded will be rejected with an error. If you have needs beyond these limits then get in touch and we'll work something out.

We use standard SI units, so 1 MB is 1 000 000 bytes.


An attribute here is considered to be any unique attribute/datatype combination, so an attribute attr containing a string, integer, and null value (in different documents) counts as 3 attributes. Additionally, arrays count as 1 extra attribute per unique datatype they contain, so the array [2.718, 3.14, "abc", "def", true] counts as 4 attributes (1 for the array itself, and 3 for the datatypes float, string, and boolean).


  • Maximum number of documents: 1 million
  • Maximum total size of JSON documents: 10 GB
  • Maximum number of unique attributes across all documents: 2000 attributes (enterprise: 10000 attributes)


  • Maximum JSON document size: 32 MB
  • Maximum number of attributes: 1000 attributes (enterprise: 8000 attributes)
  • Maximum attribute nesting depth: 20 levels
  • Maximum searchable term length: 1024 UTF-8 characters (silently ignored without error)

API Calls

  • Maximum working set retrieved from data backend: 500 MB
  • Maximum query execution time: 1 minute
  • Maximum mutation execution time: 3 minutes
  • Maximum export execution time: 5 minutes
  • Maximum listener connection lifetime: 30 minutes

HTTP Requests

  • Maximum combined request headers size: 15 KB
  • Maximum request body size: 100 MB

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