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    Predictable pricing. Medium volume.



    per project / month
    • 20+ users
    • Pay-as-you-go for additional users and usage
  • Enterprise

    For large teams and critical business applications.



    • 50+ users
    • SLA, SSO, & support
    • Team collaboration, management, & access control
    • Historic audit records
    • Advanced dataset management

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Hosted Content APIFast, flexible, treats your content as data
Sanity Studio +A React-based editing environment you can shape to meet the needs of your team.Open Source, customizable content editor
Real-time editing +Work collaboratively and see changes live. No locking or losing work.
Multiplayer presence +Find your teammates and see what they’re working on live.
Live Preview +Build richer authoring experiences for your editors. See changes in real-time for web, mobile, and anything else your team needs.
Review Changes: Drafts +Review and revert content changes in the current draft of any document. Editor actions are recorded down to the keystroke.
Review Changes: Complete history +Review every edit action, and rollback to any version in a document history.
Audit trail & History API
Fully hosted editing environment +Cloud hosted Sanity Studios. Free for all plans.
Unified Version Control +Keep editing environment, schema and front-ends in lock step with revision control.
CI & deployment integrations +Connect with modern CI and deployment services like Netlify & Vercel.
Queryable access logs
Unlimited playground projects +Experiment with and create as many playground projects as you need.
Advanced Dataset Management
Cloud Cloning +Copy your datasets server-side. No need to waste time with local transfers.
Dataset Hot Swap +Instantly and securely switch between datasets by name without losing a single request.
Content Database
Private datasets +Choose to keep datasets public or private.
Dedicated infrastructure +Host your enterprise content in dedicated cloud containers.
Delivery & Network
Modern APIs +Sanity ships with GraphQL and Graph-Relational Object Queries (GROQ) APIs.
Image pipeline +Resize and compress your images on the fly. Apply crops and hotspots in-studio without altering your originals. Deliver cached versions to your users from a network edge.
Global content delivery network +All content APIs are available via CDN, edge cached, and delivered over HTTPS/SSL.
Custom CDN domains +White label your APIs for content delivery from your own domains.
API access log history +Control the traffic on your content API.
Security & Compliance
GDPR & CCPA compliance +We’re fully GDPR/CCPA compliant. Your data is hosted on industry leading infrastructure with 24/7/365 monitoring.
PCI DSS +Hosted at a PCI DSS certified location.
Private datasets +Keep your data confidential with private datasets and authentication tokens for user access and API requests. Configurable via CLI.
Single sign on (SSO) +Define custom login and fine grained access control.
Custom Access control +Setup your own server-side access control rules. Add your own tailored user groups and modify them using mutations like any other document.
Support & Services
Community support +Get help and learn new things in our community Slack with over 5,000 contributors.
Onboarding call +Connect with a solution engineer to kickstart your project the right way.
Enterprise SLA & response time guarantee
Enterprise support & customer success
Dedicated growth specialist +Get specialized support when you need it, and advice to improve your content velocity.
24/7 emergency contact +Get help fast. We have site reliability engineers and emergency support available around the clock.
Pay by card
Organization level billing
Included Usage
Users +A User is a single account with access to the Sanity Studio editing environment.320
Additional users
$10 per user
Included datasets +Datasets are collections of documents of different types that reference each other. You can think of them as “databases”.25
Additional datasets
$20 per dataset
API CDN Requests (per month)500k15m
Additional requests
$1 per 100k
API Requests (per month)100k3m
Additional requests
$1 per 25k
Assets +An asset is any file (JPG, PDF, etc) that exists alongside your data. Our image pipeline lets you store a single high-res master to keep this number low.5GB200GB
Additional assets
$1 per 2GB
Bandwidth (per month)10GB1TB
Additional bandwidth
$1 per 5GB
Documents +Documents are the individual records you can create and edit in the Studio or over our APIs. All your structured content is created inside documents.10k100k
Additional documents
$1 per 1k
Unique attributes (per dataset) +Any unique combination of attribute and datatype. Create reusable data structures to keep this number low.2k4k
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Prices are per month per project. Pay as you go for usage above quota.

Common questions answered

  • Can I change or extend my plan?

    Absolutely. You can switch plans, add or remove users, and disable or enable features anytime. When you make a change we’ll update your invoice to reflect your new preference. We won't charge you for the switch.

  • Is there a minimum contract duration?

    No. We list our prices per month but you’re never locked in to a minimum term.

  • Can I get a discount for my Open Source project?

    Yes. is used to manage documentation, release notes, internal project wikis, and more. If you have a non-commercial open-source project:

    Apply for a free plan with advanced quotas
  • Can I get a discount for my non-profit organisation?

    Yes. We support non-commercial organizations that work for the common good. If you are involved in such a project that needs structured content through APIs, let us know.

    Learn more
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