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Bring content to culture

When it comes to localization context is everything and text is just the beginning.

Sanity doesn’t restrict your content's structure. Create content models that span languages and territories in ways that suit you best.

  • Customizable interfaces

  • Easy editor fallbacks

  • Integrates with 3rd party services

Poster: anthopomorhpic map pins connected to one another.

A better digital experience for millions of travellers

With their traditional CMS Eurostar experienced long, inefficient development cycles. They coupled Sanity with React and GraphQL and saw an 80%+ decrease in the time required to complete CMS-related development tasks. Improvements to content structure made for better customer experiences across a range of locations and market segments.
  • Localization & personalization

  • Compatible with modern frontends

  • Shorter development cycles

Customizable interfaces

Sanity comes with a customizable open source editor that lets you decide how and where to support translations. Start with strings and extend to support tailored graphics, captions, and ALT texts.

3rd party integrations

Sanity supports integrations with API-based 3rd party services. Connect to translation platforms like Transifex and Smartling to build workflows that work the best for your organization.

I was absolutely blown away by my ability to structure content easily. The inline modules in the Portable Text really changed the game and elevated the experience, especially for the client.

Coherent messaging across territories

Ensure consistent and efficient messaging across business regions with localization deployed at the data set level. Generate master content at HQ and support override patterns for satellite regions.

Localization is personalisation

Localization is a way to get the same message across to different people. If this sounds similar to personalization and segmented messaging, that’s because structurally, it is.

The same data modelling techniques used to provide locales can also deliver content based on audience segment, preference, or lifecycle.

With Sanity you can do both in a structured way that makes the most sense for your content.

Build beyond your expectations