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Svelte resources

Guides, plugins, and other resources for Svelte – the popular Javascript compiling framework.

2 Svelte tools

Sanity Iconify

Icon picker with over 150,000 open source vector icons

Wannes Salomé
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PortableText to Svelte

Official(made by Sanity team)

Render Portable Text block content with Svelte components.

Henrique Doro
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3 Svelte starters

8 Svelte guides

Rendering PortableText from scratch

A walkthrough of my thought process for creating a PortableText component for Svelte with 0 dependencies.

This is an external link at:hdoro.dev
Henrique Doro
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Adding Sanity CMS to Jungle.js & deploy

Jungle.js is a new SSG framework for Svelte that I'm really excited about. It definately needs to prove itself, but I think it has a bright future! Today I'm going to be showing you how you can add Sanity CMS as a data source for a Jungle powered blog.

This is an external link at:stordahl.dev
Jacob Størdahl
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24 Svelte projects made with Sanity

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Valpiccola: Where Technology Celebrates Territorial Treasures!

Roberto Malcotti
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We are l’Étude, a group of independent experts united to challenge creative boundaries.

FĂ©lix PĂ©ault
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Svelte is an innovative Javascript framework for building user interfaces. In contrast to other popular Javascript frameworks, which outsource their work into a virtual DOM in the browser, Svelte does the bulk of its work in a compiler that outputs reactive, "cybernetically enhanced" Javascript at build time. Svelte works great as an SSG (a static site generator) and integrates seamlessly with Sanity studio to deliver dynamic, structured content. Check out these resources on Svelte and learn how to build slimmer, next-gen Javascript apps today.

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