Introducing GROQ-powered Webhooks

eCommerce CMS

Need a headless eCommerce solution? Sanity is an API-first eCommerce CMS that integrates with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Snipcart, and other leading eCommerce vendors. Brands use Sanity to build bespoke eCommerce experiences across channels.

CMS Editor Interface

I was absolutely blown away by my ability to structure content easily. The inline modules in the rich text editor really changed the game and elevated the experience, especially for the client.

Kevin Green, developer

Tailor Content For Brands or Regions

Quickly launch multiple sites for different regions, brands, or languages and still manage the content within a single instance of Sanity Studio. Use Sanity’s localization capabilities to tailor content to specific market segments and provide a more relevant and compelling shopping experience. Centralize the management of content for a consistent global presence without any extra effort. Let Sanity be your single source of truth when it comes to content.

Streamline Third-Party Integrations

Sanity can easily integrate with a variety of third-party solutions through a robust set of APIs. You can leverage eCommerce platforms, marketing analytics tools, and other applications necessary to deliver a compelling shopping experience to your customers. Developers can choose from REST APIs, the HTTP API, GraphQL, or Sanity’s Graph Oriented Query Language (GROQ) to pull content and data. Sanity has a sample commerce frontend built with Vue that integrates with Snipcart via APIs to provide shopping cart functionality.

Secure and Scalable

The Sanity Data Store is secure and scalable within the Sanity managed Google Cloud. That means your IT team can focus on delivering an exceptional user interface and shopping experience instead of maintaining infrastructure. Sanity ensures maximum availability so that your development team can spend their time on other high impact projects.

Why Sanity is the best CMS for eCommerce

  • Easy integration with third-party eCommerce platforms via APIs, GraphQL, and more
  • Utilize Sanity’s innovative GROQ language to pull content
  • Open source CMS solution for maximum flexibility
  • Cross-channel shopping experiences can be managed from one interface
  • Developer friendly approach for faster time to market
  • Secure and scalable with Sanity managed cloud
  • Tailor content to specific regions, brands, languages, and more
  • Easily launch multiple sets to create a global presence

Try Sanity Open Source eCommerce CMS

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