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We built you the right tools

We thought you might need a content management system that works well with modern frameworks and practices.

To us, that means not only excellent APIs for reading, writing, and patching. We also want to offer you empowering tools to get lots more done and extend your skills to new, great places.

Bring your own frontend and whatever else you might need

As long as it speaks HTTP you can connect your services, frontends, apps, scripts, or devices to Sanity APIs. Query your content with GROQ or GraphQL. Do real-time mutations and patches with our powerful write APIs. Go back in time with history. Listen for changes, and stream all your documents in one go with our export endpoints.

So, just used @sanity_io to setup a content model for a site to start fill up data during development. One hour and it’s up, recieving data from users. In-frikki-credible

Viktor Leviné

Sweet APIs

Sanity offers GraphQL and GROQ for querying your documents.

Without resolvers or even schemas, GROQ lets you join and transform your data – getting it back in the shape that's just right for your display logic.

This means you can pour NDJSON into Sanity and effortlessy start querying and configuring a UI for it.

Scale up

Good news. You don’t need to know how to manage database clusters or scale global infrastructures to work properly with structured content.

We take care of it for you and offer a fully managed, reliable & compliant, cloud-hosted database for your content.

Stand on the shoulders of a community

Enjoy the growing ecosystem of plugins for Sanity Studio. Repurpose React components as input components, widgets, or tools. Connect with Sanity developers all over the world.