Code Input

Syntax highlighted editor for code.


Color input for Sanity that stores selected colors in hex, hsl, hsv and rgb format.

Contentful to Sanity

This package liberates Contentful spaces, creating Sanity projects and schemas as it goes.


Add support for data table input

GraphQL Schema

Declare a Sanity schema using GraphQL SDL syntax

LaTex input

Use the LaTex format to describe math and other complicated typography.

MUX input

Upload videos to MUX directly from the studio.

Markdown input

Markdown input component and schema type.

Nyan cat spinner

Replace default spinners with NYANCAT SPINNERS OMG!!


Basic table support

URL Metadata Input

URL input for Sanity that retrieves metadata (title, description) along with open graph information.

Vision (GROQ playground)

React-based GROQ sandbox for Sanity projects.


Run a winamp port in your studio!