User stories: Jing from Konsus using Sanity to drive inbound engagement

July 15th 2018

How Konsus uses Sanity to build landing pages, blogs and FAQs.

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Tutorial: Hosting your Next.js frontend on Netlify in 5 minutes

May 22nd 2018

Do you want to host your Sanity backed Next.js frontend on Netlify? No problem! Just follow these few steps to get going.

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E-commerce front-end for Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Snipcart

May 22nd 2018

Headless e-commerce! A Vue.js front-end for the e-commerce schema powered by Snipcart.

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E-Commerce Sample Schema

May 3rd 2018

New e-commerce sample schema in `sanity init` πŸ›’ πŸ› πŸ†•

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Have Sanity Notify your team on Slack using

May 2nd 2018

Connect Sanity's webhooks to a Slack channel with

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A Rough Guide to Running a GDPR Compliant SaaS Business

May 1st 2018

We read the fine print and summarized the implications for SaaS businesses.

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Tutorial: Run a Sanity backed blog with React and Next.js

April 16th 2018

Sometimes you just need a blog. So why not build it with something shiny like Sanity, React and Next.js?

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Install a Sanity Podcasting Platform

December 11th 2017

A Β«Just add SanityΒ» podcasting platform

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December 10th 2017

Liberate Contentful spaces as Sanity projects

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Post Launch Post

November 29th 2017

Sanity has launched! We're super excited about the feedback we got. This is what we're working on.

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