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NEWS · September 17th 2020

Community Digest #25

Ghosts, flags, Kentucky blue corn, blood sugar, and more.


Kapehe is a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.

The Sanity community is amazing! In this week’s edition of the digest, we would like to share a handful of community shares that range from a brand new starter to a personal portfolio. Let’s check those out.

Each of these can be found in our Slack community’s #i-made-this channel. If you would like to follow along with these shares throughout the week, come join us in the community. If you would like to be featured in the Community Digest, be sure to share your projects in the channel. See you there!

Ghosts, flags, and Kentucky blue corn

What do ghosts, flags, and Kentucky blue corn all have in common? They are some of the amazing projects created by Scott Wambach. Head to the "My Work" section of his portfolio,, ​and you'll see a plethora of projects that all have Sanity helping out.

The website is also filled with some of the coolest animations in the galaxy.

Healthcare management with HeySugar

Newly we rolled out beta support for community-created starters on!

Earlier this year, Jamie Bradley used Sanity, Netlify, and Gatsby to make his own app to help diabetics manage their blood sugars and share their results with health care professionals. Now he has converted it to a starter. Great work, Jamie!

Launch your own instance of HeySugar


Want to create your own starter? Join the community Slack and find the #beta channel to find instructions on how to get started.

You can also watch Jamies’ talk on JamstackConf from earlier this year to learn more about the background of it, and how it works.

Automated cover images for social

We know that cover images can be a great way to promote your content on social. Making them over and over again manually can be tedious though. But James Quick found a solution! By combining Serverless Functions in Netlify, Cloudinary, and a custom action button in Sanity, he can generate a cover image with just a few steps. Neat!

Thank you James for this video demo!

Automated backups to S3

Simeon Griggs shared this with us in the #i-made-this channel earlier this week:

You know when someone from risk management taps you on the shoulder and asks if you can do automated backups from Sanity and you’re like “come on now this is Sanity not WordPress” but then because you’re a programmer I mean why not just build it anyway?

The backups go directly from Sanity into your S3 bucket and all the installation steps can be found in this GitHub repo.

This is great! Way to go, Simeon.

We would love to see your amazing work

The Sanity Community Slack is always buzzing with amazing new projects. Come be a part of the community, get help, and show us how you use Sanity.