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Sanity Content Studio running on a tabletSanity Content Studio running on a mobile phone

Edit collaboratively, distribute over APIs and freely decide later how and where your content will be used.

>npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init|

Logo for Content studioContent studio

Build headless, collaborative editing environments in React.js
  • Icon for Open source

    Open source

    Built in Javascript and React.js.
    Full source code, permissive license.

  • Icon for Lightweight & pluggable

    Lightweight & pluggable

    Extend with your own data types, custom user interfaces and third-party integrations.

  • Icon for Real-time


    Edit structured, highly connected documents collaboratively.

  • Icon for Block editor

    Block editor

    Rich text editor yields structured data. Embed editable data in running text. Defer markup to render time. No HTML, ever!

Logo for Hosted backendHosted backend

A real-time data store for content integration and distribution
  • Icon for Secure & Compliant

    Secure & Compliant

    Fully GDPR Compliant. EU Hosted.
    Data encrypted at rest and in transit.
    APIs TLS / SSL only.

  • Icon for Sweet Query API

    Sweet Query API

    Prepare data in queries using joins and projections. CDN cache multiple queries in a single request.

  • Icon for Apps, not ops

    Apps, not ops

    Sanity is a full-featured content API and editing solution that lets you concentrate on your core business.

  • Icon for Update in real-time

    Update in real-time

    Persist your queries and get messaged on updates. Stream to hundreds of thousands of clients.

  • Icon for Enterprise comforts

    Enterprise comforts

    Third party login, free-form security rules, transactional writes and millions of documents.

  • Icon for Scale ready

    Scale ready

    Stop worrying about traffic spikes with asset and API CDNs on every continent – excepting Antarctica.

  • Enterprise database

    Enterprise database

    OMA Architectural firm

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    OMA uses Sanity as an enterprise database keeping accurate metadata on their projects as well as high resolution imagery. Powers their public website as well as print-on-demand and business development processes.

  • Interoperability layer

    Interoperability layer

    RiksTV TV Distributor

    Oslo, Norway

    RiksTV is trialing Sanity as a real-time distribution layer to query legacy data sources in new Apps and Services.

  • Modular page builder

    Modular page builder

    Konsus (YC16) Global Workforce Service

    Global Workforce Service

    Konsus uses Sanity as a modular landing page builder, unblocking their marketing team and freeing up engineering time.

  • Image archive

    Image archive

    MIT Private research university

    Cambridge, USA

    MIT ACT uses Sanity as a richly structured visual archive for the the CAVS Special Collection, capturing artists, works and their relation to the CAVS.

  • Content Backend

    Content Backend

    Oslo City Bike Shared infrastructure

    Oslo, Norway

    Oslo City Bike uses Sanity as a content store for their product database and other customer facing data, on web, mobile and custom digital interfaces.

  • Festival Backend

    Festival Backend

    Mikkeller, MBCC Brewery

    CPH, Denmark

    Mikkeller uses Sanity as a backend for the MBCC beer festival application and website, managing breweries, beers and user ratings through the content studio.

Steps to Sanity

1. Init

> sanity init|

Spend 2 minutes setting up a local Content Studio tied to our hosted APIs. Define your data model in JavaScript. Customize with React.js.

2. Edit

Screen capture of Sanity Content Studio in Perspective

sanity deploy your studio and hand it over to editors. Lean back as they enjoy real-time editing and hassle free interfaces.

3. Connect

An illustration of the Sanity backend tied to different devices and services.

Use the graph oriented query language and client libraries to connect front-ends, mobile apps and other services.

Read more on getting started
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Bring your own frontend

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    Sample frontends

    Client libraries

    • JavaScript API ClientJavaScript API Client
    • PHP API ClientPHP API Client