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Build with Structured Content

Sanity is the fastest, most flexible platform for delivering content to digital devices and products.

npm install -g @sanity/clisanity init
Illustration of building with structured content.

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Distribute a single source of truth to any channel, device or product

Sanity lets you treat content as structured data so you can flow it across APIs to power experiences wherever you might need them.

  • Move faster

    Sketch with data. Start content work before even selecting a presentation framework. Move right to production.

  • A single source of truth

    Advanced data modeling and custom user interfaces let you decouple content from presentation.

  • Treat content as data

    Sanity treats all your content as data – even rich text – so you can transform and reuse it across channels.


Get the workflows you need

The Sanity Studio ships as open-source software so you can create better editing interfaces in React.js.

Specify schemas and validation logic in JavaScript and install plugins from npm.

  • Extensible UI

    We have you covered with an open-source editor that you can extend with React.js and plugins from npm.

  • Get started in minutes

    Quickly describe your content model in code, and we'll rebuild the UI as you type. Sketch with data.

  • Better workflows

    Create efficient workflows for authoring, SEO, localization and content optimization.


Work with friendly APIs and powerful tooling

Build on a hosted content infrastructure with great APIs for writing, patching, and querying your data.

  • Familiar concepts

    Sanity uses familiar, modern technologies like Node.js, JavaScript, JSON, Gatsby, JAMstack, Next.js and GraphQL, so there's less to learn and quicker to get started.

  • We won't hold you back

    Choose a content infrastructure that provides immediate value while making your life easy as your needs evolve.

  • Integrates well with others

    Sanity is perfect as a headless CMS for driving modern web frameworks as well as synchronizing data with legacy systems.

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Start your new Sanity project in minutes

Best-practice projects. Fully configured and deployed. Source included.

Blog with Gatsby
Fully customizable blog template with a React.js front-end.
Portfolio with Gatsby
Clean React.js starting point for portfolios, project listings or case studies.
Events with Nuxt.js
Data-driven conference website in Vue.js. Speakers, sessions, and scheduling.

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