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Newspaper CMS - Build your newspaper with Sanity

Take your newsroom anywhere—even mobile!—with a fully decoupled open source React-based CMS.

  • Write and edit content from mobile
    Ever worked with a truly responsive CMS? Tweak anything, anywhere. Publish faster than anyone.

  • Incredibly extensible workflows
    Build a custom, collaborative editorial pipeline without breaking a sweat.

  • Rich text has a whole new meaning.
    With Portable Text, your prose comes with a fully extensible data layer. Build anything.

Powering exceptional digital experiences everywhere

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@sanity_io is by far the best and most developer friendly #headless#CMS. Period. That's the tweet.

Handcraft a perfect workflow

Three rounds of edits? Fact-checkers after the fifth draft? Giant Kanban boards? Cut the overwhelm out of your editorial pipeline with Sanity's custom workflows. Easy to set up, fully extensible to any workflow you need.

  • Add document badges
    Ditch the Kanban app and add the status of your stories to the content itself.

  • Build custom document actions
    Do anything to your content with the press of a button. Proofread, update values, assign tasks—anything.

  • The power of React, at your fingertips
    With React hooks, any member of your team can perform complex, custom operations on your data.

Very cool! Have you had a look at @sanity_io yet, @paulmsmith? It's a step beyond your average 'CMS' and out of all the headless products I've worked with (which is probably all of them now ) it's by far the best. Structured, connected content FTW!

Publish seriously engaging content.

See how your content is performing at the same place you're writing it. Create and use pre-existing plugins for testing, optimization, and SEO and enjoy them in a single, user-friendly interface.

Build at the speed of the news cycle

Deploy a starter and get to styling your site in minutes.

Blog with Gatsby
Fully customizable blog template with a React.js front-end.
Blog with 11ty
Minimal blog with Eleventy and Sanity.
Blog with Sapper
Fully customizable blog template with a Svelte.js front-end.

Demand more from your content management system

Get ahead of the competition with the world's most cutting-edge digital publishing platform.

npm install -g @sanity/clisanity init