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Better stories. To more people. With less effort.

Sanity makes marketing teams more impactful and self-sufficient.

We provide total control over content and meta so you can build, test, and iterate your way to larger audiences and higher conversions.


The cloud platform for composable banking leverages Sanity for the core of its marketing technology stack

Mambu is the cloud platform for composable banking that’s built for change. They chose Sanity as their content platform so they could continuously build on a future-proof single source of truth and power their JAMstack based front-ends.

Control the message without losing structure

Sanity lets you leverage the flexibility of landing page builders without reducing the places your content can travel to. Structure content for every audience and application, get the previews you need, and reduce repetition along the way.

You can also apply code-driven approaches to page content. Localize for multi-segment markets, support translations when you need to, and algorithmically generate page content on the fly from criteria that best fits your unique users.

  • Preview anything

  • Use a landing page builder

  • Provide for any channel or market segment

Sanity means much more to us than just headless CMS. We’re convinced about the benefits of structured content and what it means for the future of digital marketing at Mambu.

Fast, findable pages

Fast content supports longer engagements and better SERP. Sanity works with modern hosts to deliver the speed you need.

Custom metadata makes your content easier to find. Sanity lets you combine and distribute content however you like, so you can get found on social, organic, rich snippets, and more.

We’ve also taken care of the image problem. Art Direct your images from a single high-res master, and use our asset pipeline for fast transforms and CDN delivery.


Try new ideas at any combination of field, content block, or document level. It's easy to duplicate and fine-tune content variations. Iterate faster and to reach your engagement goals sooner.

Our traditional PHP stack was holding us back and required long development cycles.

With Sanity, CMS development tasks that used to take 2-3 weeks now take 2-3 days. Sanity also enabled advanced localization, A/B testing and SEO optimization across eight markets.

Plays well with others

Sanity can be integrated with any API-based part of your marketing stack. Wire it up to your preferred automation and CRM services like Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce to gate content, collect leads, and build relationships.

  • Marketing stack friendly

  • Can work with API translation services

  • Plugins for Google Analytics & Yoast

Build beyond your expectations