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A modern headless CMS for healthcare organizations, designed to streamline operations and enhance engagement through advanced real-time collaboration and efficient content management.

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Sanity is ranked #1 out of 85 CMSes on G2

G2.com, the world's largest marketplace for software, has rated Sanity as the #1 leader in the Headless CMS category, as measured by customer review ratings and market presence

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Laerdal: Global content delivery to state-of-the-art emergency training devices

Laerdal’s interactive medical manikins are used to train EMTs and medical professionals around the world. They needed to move to modern subscription models and improve the delivery of medical scenario scripts to their global network of devices.

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A portrait of Alexander Reyne

It's easy to set up and simple to use. You can build static websites that anyone can update in minutes incredibly fast. A lot less bloat in the frontend of static webpages.

Alexander Reyne · Software Developer

Trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies

Enterprise-ready features


Real-time collaboration enables healthcare teams to work together seamlessly on content, regardless of their location. This ensures that updates, edits, and approvals can be managed instantly, which is crucial in fast-paced medical environments where information accuracy and timeliness are key.


Customizable content models and structures allowing for the easy organization of diverse content types - from patient information and treatment guidelines to research articles and regulatory documentation, making it easier to manage complex healthcare information systems.


Robust security features, including fine-grained access control and encryption, with Google Cloud Platform hosted infrastructure. GCP regularly undergoes audits for industry standards, such as HIPAA.


Sanity's backend can handle high traffic and large volumes of data, which is essential for enterprise-level healthcare systems. This scalability ensures that as the organization grows or faces surges in data usage, the CMS can continue to perform optimally without compromising speed or user access

A portrait of Maverick Coryell

Having built with nearly every CMS, from WordPress and Drupal to Strapi and Ghost – I can confidently say Sanity is the most painless and performant CMS yet.

Maverick Coryell · Developer

Sanity enables you to create quality content, at speed

High-quality, one-click translation

Sanity's AI Assist feature transforms the approach to multilingual content creation in the healthcare industry, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for document translation. With high-quality, one-click translations available directly within Sanity Studio, healthcare organizations, including insurance firms, can significantly cut the time and expenses typically involved in customizing content for diverse regions. This capability ensures that critical healthcare information reaches global audiences accurately and swiftly, enhancing patient communication and care across borders.

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Pre-loaded with what editors want

Why wait for a best-in-class authoring experience—when Sanity already offers it from day 1. Get a fully loaded CMS offering: real-time collaboration, visual editing, live previews, on-demand image transforms, granular audit trail, and access control.

Empower your healthcare content teams to operate efficiently and securely, with the tools they need to manage sensitive information confidently—without the need for ongoing ad hoc support from developers.

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Image showing how editors can collaborate in the Sanity Studio

Edit your content in seconds from the frontend

Sanity's Visual Editing feature represents a significant leap forward in content management efficiency, especially valuable for insurance companies striving for agility in content updates. This innovative workflow enables content creators to directly click on content blocks and immediately jump to the corresponding location in Sanity Studio for editing. This not only dramatically reduces the time required to make updates but also provides intuitive context for where content is used across various digital experiences, enhancing consistency and accuracy.

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A portrait of Agustin Oligario

Sanity allows my team and I to host and manage our data and create valuable schemas for our services. We can quickly access staff records, blog entries, and event details within our Next.js application.

Agustin Oligario · Software Developer

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