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Proven use cases

Confidently automate common tasks like translation, SEO, and more—all pressure-tested by Sanity.

Freedom to explore

Experiment with AI tasks that matter to your business and scale winning prompts for team-wide use.

Context-rich AI

Get high-quality output with AI that knows your content library, field types, and style guides.

A portrait of Drew Monroe
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Sanity AI Assist will help make our editors and ad writers 10x more productive by removing so many of the mundane tasks they have to do—the kinds of tasks that are critical for our business, but not particularly interesting to do.

Drew Monroe · Sr. Director of Engineering at Morning Brew

Generate the right content for the job

Multilingual translation

Streamline translation

Dramatically reduce barriers and bottlenecks for content translation. AI Assist is flexible: translate entire complex documents with a click or specific fields, all while retaining formatting.

Multi-variant creation

Spark new ideas for variants

Enhance variants for A/B testing and personalization with fresh ideas from AI Assist. Provide a simple prompt and choose which options to lose, build on, our use as-is.

Long-form text

Get drafts going

Grow your content production with AI that can turn even a simple article title into a detailed, long-form piece, enabling your team to easily create rich and captivating stories. AI Assist simplifies your workflow, helping you craft high-quality content that covers a broad range of topics.

Image generation

Generate imagery on the fly

Boost your team's creativity by turning descriptions into visuals that fit your brand. Whether it's making placeholder images or sketching ideas for your designers to fine-tune, this streamlines your process, slashes busywork, and sparks new creative ideas.

Streamline content operations

SEO tasks

Enhance your search visibility

Improve your website's visibility with AI-powered SEO, making your content search-engine friendly with ease. AI Assist fine-tunes your meta tags, generates image captions, and improves your content descriptions, helping your site climb up search rankings and attract more visitors.

Reference suggestions

Maximize your content ROI

Boost your content's reach and value with automatic related article suggestions, helping your audience find more of what they like. Enhance their experience and increase your content's ROI, all while keeping it engaging and fresh, no deep database knowledge required.

Smart paste

Stage content instantly

With just one click, you can stage your draft from Google Docs directly into Sanity. AI Assist steps in to neatly arrange everything from the title and images to body text and call to action. This way, your ideas and initial drafts are quickly transformed into polished, ready-to-publish content.

Custom instructions or tasks

Use AI Assist for custom tasks. It's flexible enough to manage almost any content challenge you throw at it and can help to explore new strategies tailored to your business. It adapts to your specific requirements, streamlining your workflows and enabling you to create innovative solutions with ease.

Unlock more content magic

Built-in context

Automatically create content that matches your specific types, rules, and requirements, ensuring it fits with your strategy.

On-brand content

Seamlessly integrate your style guides, ensuring content consistently matches your brand's voice and standards.

Shareable prompts

Share customizable and reusable instructions that everyone can use and fine-tune for their own needs.

Secure guardrails

Set up permission-based guardrails to make sure AI assist matches user roles, keeping the creation and use of instructions safe

Easy rollbacks

Keep an eye on AI Assist's changes and undo them if necessary, making sure every edit lives up to your expectations with total peace of mind.

Precise prompts

Apply instructions on whole documents or specific fields, giving you exact control and flexibility.

Make content your competitive advantage