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Mobile Applications

Better apps with structured content

Dream big with the fastest, and most flexible content backend for Android and iOS apps.

We take care of all the DevOps stuff so you can get to market faster and scale as you go.

  • Custom data structures

  • Content at the edge

  • Multichannel content


A powerful backend for Australia's second largest health insurer

ahm needed a sustainable way to manage content across two React apps. They turned to Sanity for a decoupled solution. Results included improved customer experience, better sales performance, and content management capabilities for business users.
  • Single source of truth

  • Faster workflows

  • Supported new customer features

Custom data structures

With Sanity you can design a custom content model with a fully-hosted backend in minutes.

Avoid the pitfalls of inflexible and opinionated systems. Just build what you need to create better engagements in a more sustainable manner.

  • Create a cloud-hosted backend in minutes

  • Develop with real content from day one

  • Build custom workflows in React

Create once, distribute anywhere

Your Sanity content flows across APIs, so there’s no limit to how and where it finds its audience.

Why limit yourself to apps? Structure your content as a single source of truth then distribute it to web, print, business apps, and IoT devices.

Sanity's approach to structured content helped us innovate and reconsider the structure of our codebase. I’m now excited to model the entire App UI within Sanity.

Performant and edge cached

Access and download large payloads of app state data. Grab what you need, when you need it, all in one go.

Requests to our API CDN are cached at the edge so that frequently requested data is available on hand at a nearby location.

Build beyond your expectations