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Sanity solves the unique problems of modern organisations. It’s extensible, collaborative, and lets teams dream and deliver.

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Powering exceptional digital experiences everywhere

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Build better with best-in-class collaboration and easy scaling on secure cloud infrastructure. Shape the spaces you need to share ideas, iterate fast, and connect them to your audience wherever they might be.


  • Sanity has both GraphQL and GROQ APIs for querying documents and comes with a comprehensive image pipeline to adapt your images dynamically to wherever they are needed.

    Helps solve:
  • Sanity Studio is an open-source single page app built with React.js. It can be configured in minutes to fit your team. The Studio allows real-time collaboration so that everyone can be on the same page, even when working with structured content.

    Editor conveniences:

    • Works on Mobile
    • Review every content change down to the keystroke
    • Batch image uploads. Paste from the clipboard.
    • Paste formatted text from Google Docs, Word, and websites
    • Custom field validations

    Workflow support:


  • Unlock real collaboration with instant reviews and rollback of any field and custom component, right inside the Sanity Studio.

    Review Changes provides full document revision history down to click and keystroke. See who did what to any version of a document and roll back a single field – without having to teach your marketing team Git.

    You can also make it your own. Build your own diff input components for your own custom data structures. Read the docs.

  • Flexible content previews let you to build richer and more advanced authoring experiences. Add multiple real-time views to a single document in Sanity Studio, and open several at the same time using split panes.

    Empower authors to relate to the user experience across every channel you connect through. Learn more about previews in the docs.

    Helps solve:
  • Adapt your content management system to fit how you work, instead of the other way around.

    Document actions, Document badges, and Studio React Hooks give you the tolls you need to:

    • Define your own action badges
    • Trigger custom asynchronous integrations
    • Add extra steps before publishing
    • Use React hooks for common operations, like publish and validate

    Read the workflow docs.

  • Collaborate at the speed of thought no matter where in the world you are.

    The Sanity Studio is fully real-time. Every keystroke is stored as granular patches to the data store and immediately broadcast to other editors.

    You don’t have to worry about losing changes – we keep a detailed history with one-click restores so you can find your flow and wind back the clock whenever you need.

    Learn how to work with the real-time features of the Sanity data store.

    Multiplayer Presence

    View and work alongside your teammates right inside of the Sanity Studio. All in sync. All on the same page. Presence lets you structure, modify, and deliver your content live and collaboratively. We also provide extension points so you can bring presence into your custom input components. Learn more more in the docs.


  • Integrate Sanity into your infrastructure as you see fit. Programatically create workflows for editors, tie it into your databases and your CI workflows. Even project setup and content schemas can be created programmatically.

    Sanity is easy to get started with, but never stops you as your needs evolve.

  • As the Sanity Studio ships as source you get full revision control on your editing environment configuration. This also lets you set up staging and production environments with Continuous Integration directly to GitHub.

    Helps solve:
  • Configure multiple editing environments by deploying several instances of Sanity Studio​.

    • Create unique instances for languages, regions, or marketplaces
    • Support different ways for teams and departments handle content
    • Set up tailored content workflows for your organisation‘s many brands

    Helps solve:

Delivery & Network

  • APIs

    All content APIs are available via CDN and delivered over HTTPS/SSL. provides fast response of cached content. If you need to, you can call upon for fresh uncached data when you need it.

    Read the API CDN documentation

    Asset delivery

    Deliver images and file assets from a cloud content platform backed by Google's global CDN.

    All assets are cached indefinitely. URLs include an SHA-1 hash of the asset contents. All content changes generate a new URL and avoid the need to invalidate already cached entries. We only invalidate caches when a dataset/project is deleted.

    Learn more about the Asset CDN

    Helps solve:
  • Your assets should be treated as structured content too. Upload images and transform them on demand. Query for metadata like dominant colors, sizes, geo-location, and EXIF metadata.

    • Hotspot: auto re-crop to new aspect ratios
    • Store 250-megapixel originals
    • Global CDN
    • Ingest JPG, GIF, PNG & TIFF
    • Output to JPG, PNG & WebP
    • Low quality image previews (LQIP)
    • Rasterize SVGs

Security & Compliance

  • Sanity is fully GDPR/CCPA compliant. Your data is hosted on industry-leading Google Cloud infrastructure, has 24/7/365 monitoring, and is available at +99.9% uptime.

    We handle all customer data with great care and respect. We use industry best practices and have vetted all third-party processors we employ for compliance as well.

  • Your content is secured in best-in-class data centers around the world. Google designs and builds their own physical infrastructure which incorporate multiple layers of security protections including:

    • Biometric ID
    • Metal detection
    • Cameras
    • Vehicle barriers
    • Laser-based intrusion detection systems

    Helps solve:
  • Keep your data confidential with private datasets and authentication tokens for user access and API requests.

    Configuring datasets for public or private access is easily done in the Sanity CLI. You can provision multiple datasets per project to keep some things private, and others public. Read the docs for data safety best practices.

    Helps solve:

Build beyond your expectations

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