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Launch better products. Faster.

Work smarter with structured content. Unify product data with marketing content to deliver exceptional experiences that scale.

  • Flexible content + customizable editor

  • Scalable global infrastructure

  • Create once, distribute anywhere


Global content delivery to state-of-the-art emergency training devices

Laerdal’s interactive medical manikins are used to train EMTs and medical professionals around the world. They needed to move to modern subscription models and improve the delivery of medical scenario scripts to their global network of devices. With help from Sanity they transitioned away from fixed licensing and asynchronous content delivery into tiered subscriptions and content in the cloud. Sanity connects with their user apps and internal APIs for script storage, collection management, and real-time content delivery.
  • From prototype to production ready

  • Code + content in parallel

  • Multilingual User Interfaces

Content your way

Bring your business and audience together in exciting ways with content that’s fit for purpose. Easy schemas and an editing UI you can make your own let you build fast without surrendering the bigger picture.

  • No schema lock-in

  • Customizable react-based editing environment

  • A tailored fit for any industry or application

Turn prototypes to products without changing lanes

Work with hosted content from day one to unlock value and find answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Improve as you go. Version control schema so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when a better idea comes along.

  • Zero DevOps

  • Write code + content in tandem

  • Easy, non-destructive transformations

  • Scalable storage and pay-as-you-go plans

Our deployment frequency has increased by 3x. We now spend more time modelling exactly what we need, rather than thinking about the constraints of our modelling framework.

Create once, distribute anywhere

Make your content last longer, travel to more places, and be easier to manage from a single source.

You don’t have to constrain your ideas to HTML or your reach to sites and apps. With content as data you can connect to your audience through digital signage, voice assistants, chat bots, and more.

Just last week we launched a new version of a headless eCommerce platform for Framing People where people can frame their artwork in the best and most customizable way. Configure a frame. Upload favorite artwork and 3D-preview the end result. Make sure the outcome is just right.

Tweet published on: Mar 11, 2020, 3:26 PM

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