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Meet Sanity: a more flexible alternative to Contentstack

The Sanity Composable Content Cloud is a customizable alternative to Contentstack that treats content as data to power your digital business.

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Sanity is ranked #1 Headless CMS

Sanity is the leader in the Headless CMS category, as measured by customer review ratings and market presence.

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There are so many exciting combinations that PUMA can create with Sanity. Now that we have a structure, it’s infinitely scalable.

Bettina Donmez · E-Commerce Platform Development

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Customizable editing environment

Give your teams editing experiences as joyful as the content they create. With Sanity Studio, the editing experience can be tailored to match however your team works. Pre-loaded with visual editing tools that understand content reuse, and real-time collaboration features.

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Schemaless JSON datastore

Unlike other CMSes, Sanity is unopinionated about the data model. Ingest any data source freely and create unlimited content types without predefined schemas.

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Centralize content and context

Maximize reuse and consistency with a single source of truth rich with context from all data sources. Build a content model that works for your team with limitless content types and nested objects that let you create nuanced relationships to express the connections across your content.

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Sanity rated #1 in CMS satisfaction

With Sanity your team can dream bigger and move faster to scale, drive innovation, and accelerate customer acquisition. Let content power your growth engine.

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Platform Overview

Sanity Composable Content Cloud

To meet the ever-increasing demands of modern engagement, you need a modern content management system. Tackle channel proliferation, localization, personalization, and more with Sanity. Sanity is made up of three main components:

Sanity Studio

A content workspace you can tailor to match your team's needs—with all the visual tools they expect built-in. Real-time collaboration removes bottlenecks and empowers teams with custom access and workflows.

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Content Lake

A no-ops storage and distribution layer that syncs content and data for use by teams across your organization. Its precise query language enables reusing content anywhere.

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Sanity's APIs are designed for developers to thrive. They seamlessly integrate with existing CI/CD workflows, support programmatic schema coding, and offer real-time 2-way syncing.

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