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When you're no longer blocked by your tools, you'll be amazed at what you can create.

Easy content modelling for one of the internet’s largest CDNs

Cloudflare needed a fast showcase site for their new serverless product - Workers. They chose Sanity + Gatsby to align with their own reputation for speed and reliability.
Application: Your favorite tools
Flexible content modeling
Workflow: SEO & A/B testing
Landing page builder
Powerful image optimization
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Endlessly configurable lights powered by APIs & microservices

Rich Brilliant Willing illuminate some of the world’s most prestigious interiors. With help from Sanity and Engine Digital they transformed their B2B E-commerce experience: empowering clients with the ability to configure products to their needs from over 75,000 combinations of fixture, finish, voltage, and color temperature.
Application: E-commerce
Product configurator
Workflow: Collaborative Editing
Time-saving automations
Integration: Content Enrichment
Data preprocessing for faster build times
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Sanity has helped us transform the way we deliver content. It’s easy to customize and extend to meet our growing business needs.

Adina Ong, Web Development Manager, Cornerstone OnDemand

CornerStone moved away from the monolith with help from Sanity

Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) switched out their monolithic CMS with to quickly build editorial workflows for translation and get their websites on the JAMStack with multiple languages.
Improved content editing experience
Flexible content modeling
Accelerated developer pace
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Powering exceptional digital experiences everywhere

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Global content delivery to state-of-the-art emergency training devices

Laerdal’s interactive medical manikins are used to train EMTs and medical professionals around the world. They needed to move to modern subscription models and improve the delivery of medical scenario scripts to their global network of devices. With help from Sanity they transitioned away from fixed licensing and asynchronous content delivery into tiered subscriptions and content in the cloud. Sanity connects with their user apps and internal APIs for script storage, collection management, and real-time content delivery.
From prototype to production ready
Code + content in parallel
Multilingual User Interfaces
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I was absolutely blown away by my ability to structure content easily. The inline modules in the Portable Text really changed the game and elevated the experience, especially for the client.

The best of Shopify meets headless structured content

Prima needed a stack that combined scalable eCommerce with a best-in-class editor experience. They chose Shopify for its strengths in product management and backed it with structured content.
Custom Product Experiences
Editor preferred
Nested Content Modules
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A better digital experience for millions of travellers

With their traditional CMS Eurostar experienced long, inefficient development cycles. They coupled Sanity with React and GraphQL and saw an 80%+ decrease in the time required to complete CMS-related development tasks. Improvements to content structure made for better customer experiences across a range of locations and market segments.
Localization & personalization
Compatible with modern frontends
Shorter development cycles
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A powerful backend for Australia's second largest health insurer

ahm needed a sustainable way to manage content across two React apps. They turned to Sanity for a decoupled solution. Results included improved customer experience, better sales performance, and content management capabilities for business users.
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