CornerStone OnDemand Moved Away From The Monolith with Help from Sanity

Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) switched out their monolithic CMS with to quickly build editorial workflows for translation and get their websites on the JAMStack with 13 languages.

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Cornerstone OnDemand

    Key benefits

    Improved content editing experience

    With Sanity Studio, the developers at CSOD could tailor a custom and intuitive editing interface for their marketers.

    Flexible content modeling

    CSOD were able to represent their old site and start iterating to adopt Structured Content for rule-based and more resilient design.

    Accelerated developer pace

    Using Sanity’s hosted APIs for content and images, CSOD’s developers could focus on solving their specific problem. This also drastically reduces lead time and complexity in keeping local servers up to date.


    • Defining content models in JavaScript is really powerful. It's easy to add custom previews, complex field validation logic, and we can reuse sets of fields across content types.

      Eric Johnson

    Use cases

    • Multi-dataset architecture

      There are many ways of setting up multiple websites on Sanity. For CSOD it made sense to share one configuration of the Studio, but deploy one for each of the locales connected to separate datasets. Having one dataset as the master, they can also set up small syncronizing scripts for content that should be shared and translated across all the locales.

    • Landing page builder

      CSOD runs its new website using the React-based website framework Gatsby.js. With Sanity’s source plugin and Gatsby Preview they also get low latency real-time previews for their marketers. Using block content with Portable Text they could make intuitive page builders for landing pages, but not locking the content to one particular markup language.

    • Audience segmentation

    • Multiple editor environments

    • Headless CMS


    Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. is a cloud-based learning and talent management software provider headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The company has ~2k employees, and its software is used by over 42 million people across 192 countries.

    With rapid growth, CSOD needed to replace their old stack with a monolithic CMS that run on their servers on-premise. Adopting the JAMstack architecture using Sanity for structured content, they were able to improve the developer experience significantly. Meaning it is easier to onboard new additions to their team by reducing complexity that came with self-hosting a legacy CMS, and being able to adopt modern website frameworks such as Gatsby.js.

    The Learning Suite marketing landing page
    The landing page builder in Sanity Studio

    The results were a much more performant website, improved user experience, more intuitive and efficient editorial workflows, and shorter time from idea to production.