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Case study

CornerStone moved away from the monolith with help from Sanity

Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) switched out their monolithic CMS with to quickly build editorial workflows for translation and get their websites on the JAMStack with multiple languages.

Use case

Content backend for multi-localized web pages including translation flows.

Talent Management
2 months

Defining content models in JavaScript is really powerful. It's easy to add custom previews, complex field validation logic, and we can reuse sets of fields across content types.

Eric Johnson
About the customer

Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. (CSOD) is a cloud-based learning and talent management software provider headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The company has ~2k employees and its software is used by over 42 million people across 192 countries.

Content Management
Key benefits

Improved content editing experience

With Sanity Studio, the developers at CSOD could tailor a custom and intuitive editing interface for their marketers.

Flexible content modeling

CSOD were able to represent their old site and start iterating to adopt Structured Content for rule-based and more resilient design.

Accelerated developer pace

Using Sanity’s hosted APIs for content and images, CSOD’s developers could focus on solving their specific problem. This also drastically reduces lead time and complexity in keeping local servers up to date.

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