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How we work

We’re making a tool for everyone

We’re making a tool for enabling developers and editors to create and work together without the software getting in the way. Developers and editors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we want both the product and the organization to reflect that. That’s why we user tests our products, and why we’re seeking to build a diverse and compassionate team.

We embrace exploration emerged from the digital agency Bengler who had explorations of digital media as the main focus for 20 years. We don’t assume that we have the final answer, and appreciate that we sometimes have to stumble and look in the wrong places in order to make something good and interesting.

We write code with compassion

We publish a lot of open source code at Writing code and documentation that can be used and understood is core to our product’s success. That also comes through in hosting a user community where everyone feels welcome, spending the time to learn and educate developers who seek help and advice, and using code reviews as an opportunity to learn from each other and cheer each other on.

We take but share responsibility is a growing startup, working to ship the industry’s best product for structured content. Which means that each of us gets a fair share of responsibility and influence on the product’s shape and form. We also know that our success depends on the team being physically and psychologically healthy and that different people have different needs and ways of ensuring that. We watch each other’s back, celebrate each other’s victories and face the individual’s struggles together.