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The Sanity Studio

The Sanity Studio is an open-source CMS built with React.js. It offers rapid configuration and free form customization.

Use our toolkits and plugins to create the workflow that optimizes for how you want to work with content.

User interface: Sanity Studio
  • Open-source

    The Sanity Studio ships as an open-source single page application. Install plugins from npm or build your own. Integrate Sanity in your applications.

  • Work faster

    Instant updates: Describe content models, validations, and UI structures in JavaScript and see them instantly hot-reload in the next window.

  • Respond to editor needs

    When you want to re-organize navigation or render analytics data right next to content editing: enjoy the freedom that only comes with source code.

Sanity is a perfect mix of ease-to-use paired with the ability to customize almost anything you want

Editor comforts

Work on reusable structured content without missing out on editing comforts.

Sanity has real-time collaboration, session level document rollback, and other modern features you would expect.

  • Document revision history with rollback to editing sessions.

  • Real-time collaboration. No locking or overwriting.

  • Build instant as-you-type previews.

  • Works on your phone and other touch devices.

  • Batch image uploads. Paste pictures right from the clipboard.

  • Paste formatted text from Google Docs, Word, and the web.

Efficient workflows for editing, organizing, and enhancing your content

Use plain JavaScript objects to configure your content schemas and user interfaces quickly. Extend with JSX. Whitelabel with CSS-variables. Add custom field validation and warnings. Install plugins from npm or build your own when you want to.

Instant UIs for uncompromising data models

Sanity has expressive content model capabilities. They let you define embedded objects that live inside arrays. Or have objects, inside objects, inside objects. Or annotate a span of text with a coordinate that displays a map when you click on it.

No worries. You describe your data model, and we’ll render intuitive interfaces for it.

Humans and robots, together

Sanity was built for real-time from the ground up. The real-time capabilities not only gives you very fine-grained keystroke level audit logs. It also means that there’s no locking and that multiple people can work on the same document at once.

Automated systems can also patch into the same documents without waiting for people to save their work.

This is great when integrating with systems that enrich your content as it is being written or generated without disruption.