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CMS for Angular

Build Angular projects at speed with Sanity, an open-source API-based CMS for Angular applications. With Sanity’s headless architecture, brands have built flexible, multichannel Angular applications, taking their customer experience to new heights.

CMS Editor Interface

Powering exceptional digital experiences everywhere

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As far as headless CMSes go, seems to be leaps and bounds beyond anything else I have seen.

The Best Content Editor

Easily create channel-agnostic content within Sanity Studio that can be published to Angular apps and nearly any other digital touchpoint. Define data sets and content models that are highly reusable, so you maximize your ROI on content creation efforts. Enable marketers, content authors, and web designers to collaborate when building content-driven Angular apps. Let Sanity be the single source of truth when it comes to content.

Flexible And Powerful APIs

Leverage the variety of integration points that come with Sanity to quickly deliver content to your Angular app. Developers can choose from REST APIs, the HTTP API, GraphQL, and even Sanity’s own Graph Oriented Query Language (GROQ). Content within the Sanity Data Store is highly accessible from your Angular app out of the box.

Advantages of the Sanity CMS Framework for Angular

  • Build Angular websites that are fully decoupled, yet tightly integrated with Sanity via APIs
  • Make content highly accessible for frontend developers
  • Give developers the freedom to choose between REST, GraphQL, GROQ, and more
  • Empower marketers with the Sanity Studio content editor for Angular apps or any other channel
  • Integrate best of breed apps using Sanity’s rich set of APIs and plugins
  • Launch Angular eCommerce stores using Sanity and other open source platforms

Leverage Best of Breed Technologies

Take advantage of Sanity’s headless architecture to integrate best of breed technologies for eCommerce, marketing analytics, developer automation, and more. Sanity has a rich set of integration points and a decoupled architecture that’s ideal for sharing content, data, and functionality amongst the tools marketers and developers want to use. Streamline the development of a powerful tech stack for delivering digital experiences to Angular apps, eCommerce stores, and any other digital touchpoints of the future.

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