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The best-in-class JavaScript CMS for developers

Sanity is an open-source headless CMS written in JavaScript and designed with developers in mind. Voted highest developer satisfaction in the Jamstack Community Survey 2021.

Present content from a unified platform in endless presentations with easy to use APIs and a hosted, headache-free back end.

Get started via the CLI or one of our batteries-included starters.

DX-first, loved by JavaScript developers

Enjoy the user-friendliness of a legacy CMS platform with the high-powered flexibility of a managed database.

Learn more via this tutorial by Fireship.

Custom fit your back-end UX for your team

Build a custom user interface, pull in data from outside sources, show a live preview. Create any presentation for your editors and design your own input components in plain React.

Learn more in the structure builder docs.

Sanity is an interesting one, v. different to WP. I like it because it's very clean and simple to create complex data models, easily to customise the look of the CMS itself [...] it takes away the complexities of having to write lots of queries and worry about getting relationships between entities wrong.

Nick C

Software & Systems Engineer at BarNet

Take an API-first approach to your data layer

Sanity serves its Content Lake via a carefully polished JavaScript client, made with developer experience in mind. Sanity's in-house query language GROQ is a terse, elegant way to retrieve data, making content management a simpler process across all portions of the pipeline. (You can also use GraphQL).

Download a variety of helpful tools via npm, or clone starters on GitHub. Serve media at lightspeed with Sanity's edge-cached CDN.

New to web development? Start here.

If you're coming from a legacy platform like Wordpress, Sanity is a great way to dip your toes into web development. Dodge the headaches of self-hosting and enjoy a managed content management system. Build an app with Sanity's JavaScript client and design a simple REST API. Wrap your mind around your content types, write your own schemas, and get the basics down with a delightful developer experience.

I chose Sanity Studio because I wanted to learn a new headless CMS, and liked the docs. I like it because it's flexible and intuitive to learn, customize, and build with JavaScript, so it fits into the JAMstack so seamlessly!

One platform, limitless use cases

Create a blog, magazine, e-commerce store, or full-fledged web app with Sanity's carefully-tuned API. Easily extend the platform's functionality with plugins, and learn alongside thousands of others in Sanity's bustling community.

Install via the CLI or from one of our many starters.

Design custom workflows for your headless CMS

Using Sanity's workflow creator, you can repurpose React components as input components, widgets, or tools.

Begin with some guides and templates, and write your own admin UI in no time.

I evaluated headless CMS’s recently, and was extremely impressed by Sanity. I love being able to define a schema in a JS file, and automatically get an admin UI as a side effect. The docs are good, too.

Open-source JavaScript CMS

Trying out different frameworks? Render Sanity content easily on all the leading front end frameworks. With Portable Text, Sanity's innovative rich text data structure, you can render structured data in unlimited ways with custom clients for Svelte, Vue, and React.

Enjoy a full stack of React

With Sanity and a React-based JavaScript framework like Gatsby or Next.js, you can work in one paradigm throughout your application. Focus on your core skills and save valuable time by only writing in one framework, whether you're designing .

Get the speed and flexibility of a database like MongoDB, with a beautiful interface and a first class API.

Endlessly extensible and user friendly.

Add authentication, (more plugin examples). Find out more in the docs.

Push your studio to Git and version control it with an entire team. Enjoy a luxurious Node.js CMS with all the creature comforts of a modern application framework, with none of the pains of self-hosting.

Finally, an open source CMS that I can use without being an expert in server-side administration!

Get started from the terminal:

npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init