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The Chugs

The Chugs make punk music about Hammā€™s beer. We only make music about our passions, and we are exclusively passionate about Hamm's beer. We fully embody the golden brew, and we're headed to the land of sky blue waters. You comin' with us?

Scott Wambach
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A seasonal neighborhood restaurant and bottle shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Kyle Sollenberger
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Music platform for content creators

yaroslav kaplunskiy
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Chipotle's Steve Ells new robot-run fast-casual vegan restaurant.

Ian Hatcher-Williams
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Librairie ExpƩrience

Hybrid Marketing/E-commerce website for Librairie ExpƩrience a comic bookshop in Lyon (France)

Donaƫl Walter
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The website of the French branch of SCC, a leading IT company

Donaƫl Walter


Specialized in crafting superbly efficient websites

Bogdan Stojanovic
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Website for the Ballet national de Marseille.

Thomas Kim
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Francis Gallery

Website for Francis Gallery, a gallery promoting over 35 international artists across locations in Bath (UK) and Los Angeles (US).

Thomas Kim
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Website for Lalaland, an artist management agency, representing the most talented and dynamic artists in their field.

Thomas Kim
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Website for Raus, an online boutique for booking contemporary cabins around Berlin and across Germany.

Thomas Kim
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In just 3 months, we completely revolutionized the Codemod universe. New logo. Fresh brand book. Social assets guidelines. Revamped website. Enhanced codemods registry. Upgraded web app.

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Non-Linear Studio

An independent studio crafting digital experiences connecting brand, design, + technology

Non-Linear Studio
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Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning is redefining the combinatorial optimization landscape.

Non-Linear Studio
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