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D.S. & Durga

By Ian Hatcher-Williams

Brooklyn based avant-garde perfumery, founded by husband-and-wife team David (D.S.) and Kavi (Durga)

Modular campaign landing pages
Custom gift set builder
Custom sample set builder
Sample set components and fragrance notes
Quiz tree entirely merchandised in Sanity
Custom quiz results
Rich text liner notes per scent
Scent index that shows all related products
Ship to multiple addresses in the same cart
Upsell free gift with purchase
Playlist index for each scent
Retailer finder powered by Mapbox with Sanity CMS input
Fullscreen menu takeover
Studio desk homepage
Modular landing page builder
Localized international homepage selection
Quiz flow configuration
Scent playlist liner notes
Gift with purchase gift tier config
Quiz result sample set
Fragrance note configuration

About the project

Gardener worked with Studio Scissor to refresh the DS&D website in 2022. The team had been using a highly customized Shopify theme that required developer input to launch product campaigns.

We built out a system using the tried and true Next.js + Sanity stack and it has opened the doors for the marketing team to push launches. Every bit of content and interactivity on the site is now CMS driven and no longer requires developer hands to push changes. This includes:

  • A quiz that David Moltz, one of the founders of DS&D, hand merchandised! It's like being in the store with him.
  • Bundle builders that offer a fixed discount on sets, sample packs, etc.
  • Various glossaries, store finders, scent indexes, playlist liner notes, fragrance notes
  • Modular campaign pages removing the need for Shogun or equivalent
  • Multicurrency and international homepages


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