Next.JS Content Management System


Sanity is an open-source, API-based CMS that pairs perfectly with Next.js.

Be on the cutting edge of JavaScript across front and back end. Write serverless calls to the Sanity API in Next.js and connect your app to a performant, extensible CMS in only a few lines of code.

It's the fastest, most developer-friendly way to build and ship digital content.

npm install -g @sanity/clisanity init
  • Powerful APIs at your fingertips

    Pair the most popular React framework with the most powerful and flexible API of any headless CMS. Query documents with GraphQL and GROQ when you build your pages; make them interactive with the ease of Next.js's serverless API.

  • One stack, all React

    Like Next.js, Sanity is written in React. Have happy, productive developers work in one framework across your product.

  • Take it worldwide

    Both Next.js and Sanity contain in-built support for internationalization, allowing your content to go global faster and more easily than ever before.

Fully configured templates - deploy in 5 minutes

With Sanity's array of Next.js starters, you can get started with hackable boilerplate and get rolling in no time. Try an interactive blog with comments, an ecommerce site with Shopify, or a fully-featured video conferencing platform.

Next.js e-commerce
A fully customizable e-commerce site with a simple Next.js front-end.
Landing pages with Next.js
SEO friendly page builder in React.js. Heroes, sign-up forms and calls to action.
Kitchen Sink Studio
Our ever-evolving feature-rich demonstration studio.

Or get started using the CLI

Prefer the CLI? Deploy an instance of Sanity studio (npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init), create a Next.js app, and begin fetching data for static site generation in a tiny amount of code. Iterate on a dynamic, content-focused site at record speed.

Combine Next.js's getStaticProps() with Sanity's native JavaScript client and connect your front end to a user-friendly, fully-featured CMS in the time it takes to make coffee.

import { client } from "@sanity/client"

export async function getStaticProps() {
  const myFirstPost = await client.fetch('*[_type == "post"][0]');
  return {
    props: {

export default function MyBlog({myFirstPost}){

Best in class developer and user experience

Give everyone on your team something to celebrate. With Next.js offering in-built support for all the essentials of React development, and Sanity serving up a user-friendly CMS with the extensibility of a managed database, there's something to love for every member of the team.

Live previews

With your own repo, studio, and front end published, wire up Next.js and Sanity's real-time serverless previews and see exactly what your content looks like before it's published.

CDNs everywhere

Pair Next.js's Vercel with Sanity's edge-cached global CDN and deliver content at lightspeed across your stack. From incrementally publishing changes on your front end, to deploying changes to a customized React studio, do everything at the speed of modern web development.

The biggest communities with the most tools

Take advantage of a React stack that's well-loved the world over. In addition to Next.js's helpful community, visit Sanity Exchange to find guides, starters, plugins, snippets, and themes to easily customize your workflow.

Ever add user auth across your React app with a plugin? Wouldn't it be nice to deploy to Vercel straight from your CMS? The community has also written guides for Next.js and Sanity interaction, from styling your site to integrating it with third party APIs.

"@sanity_io with next.js. I don't think there is a more flexible CMS out there."

Developers love working with Sanity:

  • “’s just SO easy. I made both the site and CMS in about half a day total. Modeled the ThemeUI and content schema in GraphQL SDL, wrote the custom bits for the editor in React, and barely had to anything on the Gatsby side. I don’t know how the DX could be much better!?”


  • “I’m loving Sanity. Tried several others SaaS CMS providers and didn’t find any that offered the level of data modeling that Sanity provides.  On top of that - with Sanity your content editor is a react app that you can fully customize.”


  • “The CMS is made with react and it’s open source so you can extend/tweak it unlike competitors like Contentful. Content modeling is flexible and powerful. It has a generous free tier and after that you pay only what extra you need.“


Build a Next.JS CMS

Generous quota included. Pay-as-you-go for users, usage and features on all plans.

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