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Vercel Deploy

By Nick DiMatteo

Trigger Vercel Deploy Hooks from your Sanity Studio.

Vercel Deployment for Sanity

Trigger Vercel Deploy Hooks from your Sanity Studio.
✨ LIVE status updates ✨ multiple deployments ✨ active polling ✨ Vercel Teams support ✨



Run the following command in your studio folder using the Sanity CLI:

sanity install vercel-deploy

⚠️ Note: If your Studio is not using the @sanity/dashboard part, you'll need to manually install this as well:

sanity install @sanity/dashboard

Your first Vercel Deployment

Once installed, you should see a new "Deploy" tool in your Sanity Studio navbar.

To create a new deployment, click the Add Project button. Next, you'll be prompted to add the following:


A name for your deployment. This can be whatever you want, to help you organize your deployments. Typically, this should be the environment you are deploying to, like Production or Staging

Vercel Project Name

This is the actual Project Name listed in your Vercel account. Navigate to your Project Settings within Vercel to find your Project Name.

Vercel Team Slug

If your project is part of a Vercel Team you will need to fill out this field. Navigate to your Team from within Vercel, and use the URL slug (ie.

Deploy Hook URL

This is the Vercel Deploy hook you want to trigger. You can set these up within your Vercel Project, under Settings -> Git and scroll down to the "Deploy Hooks" section. Create your desired hook (ie. "Production Deploy" on main branch)

Vercel Token

This is a token from your Vercel Account (not project). Navigate to your Account Settings, and go to "Tokens". Create a new Token, giving it a recognizable name for what it's being used for, like "Sanity Deploy". A Token will be generated for you to copy once.

😎 Once you've created your deployment you can now trigger deploys at anytime!


MIT  ·  Github @ndimatteo  ·  Instagram @ndimatteo

Install command

sanity install vercel-deploy


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